Have you ever read those self-improvement blogs or that “top millennial” site and thought to yourself…

what the heck are they talking about?! They’re just regurgitating cliches.

Yea… we think that too.

That’s why we created PRSUIT. We created it to share perspectives that inspire. Real perspectives. Not the same old regurgitated “be your best self” advice that anyone can put on social media and certainly not just generic advice that’s not based on experiences.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to take advice from you or hear your “5 reasons to do ____”, then you better tell me the experiences in your life that prompted your conclusions. I demand transparency and I know you do too.

PRSUIT is built on the premise of experiences. Ya know… the things that give merit to your words?

On PRSUIT, unlike many publications, anyone can contribute. You don’t need to be a super-star, millionaire, have a million followers or be a professional author. All you need to have is a story and a desire to help others grow as a result of the things you’ve learned.

Pretty simple.

PRSUIT is for those who want more out of life and are never satisfied. Why read PRSUIT? Because it provides perspective. Perspective driven by the experiences of our peers. The experiences of those who are on the pursuit of something more.

My biggest fear in life is that of regret and the thought that I might someday look back and realize that I could have explored more, lived more and appreciated more.

If you share in that fear, take the time everyday to inspire yourself. Separate yourself from others by filling your head and heart with stories of substance.


casekenny2    Case Kenny | Founder & Editor-in-Chief