Ambassador FAQ

What are PRSUIT ambassadors?

PRSUIT ambassadors help spread the word about our growing daily email.. and they get cool swag and great opportunities in the process. Our ambassadors are passionate about the power of perspectives, live optimistically and love to give back to others. They are loud, love to involve their friends in their passions and are eager to spread the word.

What exactly do PRSUIT ambassadors do?

PRSUIT Ambassadors spread the word by getting others to sign up for our daily email. There are so many ways to do this… the sky is the limit! Some popular ways that our ambassadors have spread the word include: 

  • Messaging their friends on Facebook, email, etc and sending them their unique referral URL.
  • Telling all co-workers to sign up
  • Sending out their URL to their own email subscribers (we have a lot of blogger subscribers and business owners).
  • Promoting our newsletter on their podcast
  • Telling their drunk friend at a party to signup

What would I get?

We created our ambassador program to not just grow, but to give back. You can get swag by referring sign-ups, but there’s much more. Our ambassador community is a thriving one and we have seen new businesses created out of that group, life-long friendships started and much more. Not only that, but we reach over 10MM people a month across our email, social, site and podcast – and we want to give back. If you refer 50+ people, we’ll help promote you or your business – we know the difference that can make. Here’s a list of the actual levels:

5 sign-ups

Access to our ambassador-only private FB group. Lot’s of cool things going on in here.

25 sign-ups

Swaaaaag. Get our popular “DRIVEN” hat. Tell people why you’re wearing it.

50 sign-ups

We’ll give you a badass shout in our daily email. You’ll get a lot of views. Views are good.

100+ sign-ups

Hang out with Case (he’ll help you with whatever you’d like) + free access to any and all of our events for the year.

How do I start?

Sign up here and check your email!

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Any suggestions to do well?

Just get creative. You don’t have to invite the entire world. Start with your close friends who share your values and those who want to grow personally (who wouldn’t want to do that?!).

Anything else I need to know?

There’s a couple of things you can’t do :). You can’t sign up people without their permission and you can’t use fake email addresses. That’s it!