4 Things You Can Do While Sitting Alone At A Bar

What ever happened to the lost art of waiting? I’m not entirely sure there really was a definable “art,” but I am sure some of you majored in it at UC Santa Cruz. Waiting seems tolerable now that we have our only true friend and constant companion known as our iPhones. Remember ...

How Crossfit Changed the Life of a Skinny Kid

I was chronically underweight for most of my life. When I gained the fabled “freshman fifteen” at UCLA I was ecstatic — because, according to the faded charts on your doctor’s wall, a 5’10″ man shouldn’t weigh 135 pounds. For those of you reading who are overweight, you might be thinking that ...

What Being a Paramedic Taught Me About Being a Man

9/11 meant something different to everyone, but for me — a directionless youth in his last year at UCLA — my feelings of unfocused rage and profound sadness led me to thoughts of becoming a fireman. I wanted to help people. After graduation and a brief stint in marketing, I ...

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