There’s no right time to hustle

As someone who works 18-hour days, a bunch of you ask if I’m a morning person or look for advice on how to make your mornings more productive. Here’s the thing: I think being a “morning person” is such an overrated phrase. Just because you’re up early doesn’t make you ...

How to be an “Overnight Success”

Every day of my life, I get somewhere between five and twenty emails from people who want to quit. They’re usually coming to me as a last resort. They want me to convince them to stick it out. Often times they’ve been at it for something like eight or nine months. ...

5 Things Every Employee Should Ask Their CEO

Recently, on my YouTube show, my editor in chief Steve Unwin asked me a question that I thought was very poignant and interesting. Even more so than that, it felt daring. He wasn’t nervous to ask it. And it got me thinking about all the questions I’ve been asked as ...

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