How I Made $1,500 From Renting Out My Sister’s Honda

My younger sister boarded a jet plane last week, bound for Thailand until the end of summer. Along with her well paying job and insert-cliche-reason-for-packing-up-everything-and-going-abr0ad, she left behind her car — a 2010 Honda Civic so devoid of factory options that a Cap’n Crunch box may be better equipped with gadgetry. (Seriously — the ...

1,000 Trips Later: Confessions Of A Lyft Driver

I’m exactly five weeks into launching my startup, and my cofounder and I are still very much bootstrapping. My auto lender and landlord don’t accept equity, bitcoin, or high-fives as currency, so I’ve got to bring in cash in creative ways. Lyft driving in San Francisco is my interim solution, ...

Trust Yourself — You Knew Your Calling When You Were a Kid

When You Grow Up… It’s about ten minutes into a traditional Sunday call with my mom, talking about the same stuff — catching up with the happenings of last week, the most recent developmental advancements with my sixteen-month-old daughter, loosely planning upcoming family get-togethers. You know how it goes. But the conversation takes an ...

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