The lessons I learned from getting punched in the face

Fight Night 2013 Every November at the University of Texas, the brothers of the IFC fraternities join forces to raise money in the name of philanthropy. Most fraternities opt to raise money through traditional fundraisers, e.g. concerts, barbecues, crawfish boils. The Sigma Chi’s, however, have perhaps the most unique and entertaining philanthropy ...

Who cares when you get married?

Because lists are awesome, right? In honor of all the articles I've been seeing recently about Lists of Awesome things you need to do before you’re 23 and/or get married, motherfucker! Here’s my list of things you should be doing instead of worrying about your relationship status: 1. Go work out. Seriously, go outside right ...

Simple Life Pro Tips

7 nuggets of advice to make your life a little easier 1. Open a banana from the “bottom.” Grab a banana the way you normally would, and flip it upside down. Now, just pinch the base, and the banana will unfold with unbelievable ease. I eat bananas every day, and this one has ...

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