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5 ways to make 2017 your best year yet

Dear 2016, You were epic! Now, before I go and pump up your ego, let me keep it real with you. You were epic to me because you kept me real, humbled, honest and patient. You were also epic because you allowed me to connect with amazing people from all over the world who ...

The millennial generation reacts to Alexis Bloomer

The millennial generation has spoken regarding Alexis Bloomer. Dear Elders, we’re sorry! We’re sorry that two weeks ago, one individual, Alexis Bloomer, made a grand gesture for the entire millennial generation by accusing them of only “existing without contributing anything to society.” We’re sorry because you deserve better. You deserve to know that all your ...

An Interview with International Poker Player, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur Lacey Jones

Interview By Matt Gottesman, Originally appeared on “Whether it be a business, pose, or product, it is important that I’m expressing my true self through those creations. I pour my heart completely into my work.” Creator Profile: Lacey Jones + International Poker Player + Entrepreneur Creator: Lacey Jones Company:  Lacey Poker (@misslaceyjones) and Complete Skin ...

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