The Simple Biohack that Could Solve All Your Problems

Energy, clarity, a healthy, youthful appearance, and longevity: these are all things that we innately crave. Energy drinks are a multi BILLION dollar business; 5-hour energy alone brings in around $700 million per year. The skin care product industry is estimated to exceed $100 billion within 5 years. The medical and pharmaceutical industries bring in ...

Share Your Story, Change the World

When I originally published the article entitled “Lifting and Building Muscle Mass: How Much is Too Much?”, I really didn’t have any specific intentions. In that article, I summed up my journey from skinny to swole, described the mental baggage which ended up accompanying me (read: muscle dysmorphia) along the way, and ...

Portrait of a Coffee Shop Entrepreneur

Coffee Shops: the creative hubs for colleges and cities all across America. We often sit inside them working diligently or engrossing ourselves in conversation, but how often do we think about what it takes to run an actual coffee business? I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Louie Corwin, ...

The Most Useful Class You’ll Never Take

Me: “You literally add ZERO value to this company.” Co-Worker: “Yeah… I mean my boss Gary hasn’t given me a performance review in like… three years!” Me: “Really? Well, I mean, I hate to be blunt but it shows! You really haven’t grown at all in the past three years!” Co-Worker: “Wow… you ...

The New Definition of Manly

Re-Thinking the Virtues Men Aspire To Close your eyes and imagine the quintessential man. A man who embodies the characteristics that all men should aspire to. What is he wearing? What is his build? What does he like to do? What are his priorities in life? Depending on who you ask, this ...

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