Here’s how I can travel, yet still work so much. (and not go broke)

If you follow me on Instagram, it may look like my life is one big vacation – but then again, don’t we only post the highlights of our lives on social media? The annoying question I get as a new entrepreneur who is frequently traveling is “Do you even work?” or “How can you afford to travel so much?” Yes, I do work – the same amount as I did at my corporate job, it’s just that my 40-60 hours per week aren’t crammed solely into 8 AM – 6PM on weekdays. As stated in a previous post, I’m committed to working when my energy levels are at peak, which usually means early mornings, late evenings and an occasional weekend afternoon. Here’s how I am able to make it work:

The Digital Nomad

About 25% of my job is independent work – projects that I work on alone at my computer. This allows me to be a Digital Nomad – defined as relying on the internet and portable technology (laptop) to sustain a nomadic lifestyle. The digital nomad lifestyle is becoming more common every day and reflects the modern technology of our time. I am a Digital Nomad and have met many nomads sustaining their lifestyle through similar means. The internet allows you to connect to anywhere in the world. My co-working headquarters in Minneapolis, COCO is connected to a program ca