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To find your passion, follow your curiosity

Do know what you are passionate about? If you don’t know what you are passionate about, that’s OK. I don’t believe you have to have your passion all figured out to move forward in life. It’s such a hard question. Most of us would rather not answer it. We look to others ...
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What it takes to make money on the side (aka side hustle)

By day, I’m at full-time graphic designer; designing promotional material and proposals for an architecture and engineering firm. By night, I’m an illustrator; drawing and designing digital pieces to sell in my online shops. With hours like that, you’d think I was some design super hero. Well, I’m not. I’m just ...

Are You Making a Living or Making a Difference?

Have you ever heard of the Taiwanese Monkey Trap? It’s a device used to capture monkeys, to make what I imagine is pretty swell monkey stew (maybe also Louisiana-style monkey ribs? I don’t know. </digression>). Hunters build a box with open wooden slats, and place a banana or a piece of ...

Entrepreneurship, Flowers, and Community Outreach

Steven Dyme has a confident tone of voice as he recounts the life events that led him to the entrepreneurial path. Watching his body language, it’s evident that he’s accumulated wisdom and business sense beyond his years. Dyme is the 24 year old co-founder and CEO of local Chicago business, Flowers ...

What I learned from being phone-less for 72 hours

a.k.a. ohgodI’maf*ckingMillennial I had the (mis)fortune of losing my phone last Friday night. It involved a birthday party at 1 OAK, a slice of Artichoke pizza, a 4am cab ride, and crying on a wet Union Square sidewalk. For the next several hours, I was a mess of delusion, suffering, and withdrawal. ...

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