Kid Ink on Staying Humble

Full speed ahead. Kid Ink's career is in the fast lane. His second studio album dropped in February and he has hits with the biggest names in the game, from Chris Brown to Usher. But there’s more to the man than tattoos and catchy hooks. His success may seem meteoric but it has ...

Lecrae on Knowing your Roots

For a lot of people, Hip-hop and Christianity do not go together. An absurd combination that – believe it or not – has been going on for at least two decades. The two cultures have been forever singing a melody that has just recently soothed the ear of pop culture. Lecrae, the ...

Drake on Navigating Life’s Journey

Aubrey "Drake" Graham is currently one of the most renowned rappers in the world. He is also a songwriter, actor and has produced four hit albums that have gained him millions of fans and boatloads of success. Born in Toronto, Drake was raised both in the west end of the city ...

Beyonce on Being Her Own Boss

When she was 10, Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles would make her sing while running on a treadmill in order to develop her stage stamina. With rehearsals around the clock, high-pressure shows in giant stadiums and raging teenage hormones, Beyonce’s early life was extremely regimented and more-or-less “controlled” by her manager/father. This ...

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