Diving head first into the start up world So far my life has been a crazy ride. I’ve played in bands, opened a manufacturing plant, married a German, Invented production equipment, played ultimate frisbee in different states (haha), been an “Exec”

Life hacks for people pleasers who want to get shit done. This is not a story for haters. It’s not a call to arms, or a cue to be an a$$hole. I am advocating on behalf of Mr. No, but I’m in no way suggesting you should deny yourself

As a developer and aspiring entrepreneur, I try to stay in tune with startup happenings. I scan hacker news, read a few blogs, and occasionally listen to interviews with successful founders. Sometimes they talk about their paths to greatness and

7 nuggets of advice to make your life a little easier 1. Open a banana from the “bottom.” Grab a banana the way you normally would, and flip it upside down. Now, just pinch the base, and the banana will unfold with