3 Shortcuts to Turning Your Talents, Skills & Passions into Income

Jack Chen is the CEO of NeuraFlow, a company passionately dedicated to evolving personal development, & enhancing the brain’s performance through nootropics, digital content & wearable technology.


Shortcut Hack #1 – Delusional Persistence

The continually stubborn, biased belief that what you are about to create and do will work 110% without failure.

eBooks, consulting, dating – Those were just a few of the business industries I can say I miserably failed in. But really though, what is failure? The key to delusional persistence is to realize that the world we live in contains a fuck-load of human constructed labels. These labels are what make your brain efficient, but these labels are also what holds you back; specifically, the label of failure. NEVER attached to failure because it is a manmade concept. It only means what you want it to mean. And to me, failure is defined as an insight, lesson and turning point.

The moment you attach your identity to failure, check yourself.

How passionate are you about entrepreneurship? What does it even mean to you? WHY do you want to be an entrepreneur?

The more specifically you can answer these questions, the easier you’ll be able to harness delusional persistence. Passion, intent, & knowing exactly what you want will always be more powerful than the experience of failure.

Everytime I “failed” in a business, I brushed it off because I knew what I was about to create next was going to be 10x better. You have to do the same.

Lesson: Express desire & passion without attachment to the end result. Stay attached to the purpose & specific vision. Those are your infinite sources of fuel.

Shortcut Hack #2 – Ready. Fire. Aim.

The ability to take action & implement an idea into reality as fast as you can WITHOUT hesitation.
In a world where there is an abundance of theories, ideas and personal opinion, rarely do we ever find a concept that is consistently accurate across every aspect of life. This is one of those concepts.

Every massively successful entrepreneur has mastered this one concept & skill: speed of implementation.

That means the moment you have an outrageously passionate idea backed by 100% confidence, you test it. No waiting, no analyzing, you go.

Do NOT confuse this with blind passion or going into something without any background knowledge of it. The worst thing you can do is let naïve behavior dictate your actions (although some may argue that naivety is a large cause of many entrepreneurial successes)

When you can take action on your idea as fast as you can, you allow yourself to gain feedback much quicker. Feedback from the market, and feedback from your results are the critical insights you must learn from in order to become successful as an entrepreneur. How are you to do that if you are paralyzed with analysis?

Ready. Fire. Aim. is the epitome of taking action, and allowing the feedback to readjust you on a more accurate path.

Lesson: Real world feedback is king. Do not try to imagine & predict every outcome in your mind. The market and environment will tell you everything you need.

Shortcut Hack #3 – Collectivism

The practice or principle of giving the group priority over the individual.

Being an entrepreneur comes with many setbacks; some more dangerous than others. The one personality that set me back more than anything else, was being too stubborn and thinking I could do everything myself.

It’s a basic principle and you don’t need me to tell you that it takes a team to accomplish big goals. But until you find yourself at the crossroads of asking for help vs. doing it yourself, you won’t full understand.

Let the strengths of others amplify your own individual strengths. Write down the top 5 things you are spending the most time on in your business right now. Then, circle the ONE thing you believe you can do better than anyone else.

The other 4, hire other people to join you or outsource them.

Being able to leverage other people’s strengths will allow you to move toward your vision and goal MUCH quicker. What’s even cooler is by the time they’ve finished helping you, you can ask them to join you on the journey.

Let go & let others help you. That was my biggest mistake and my biggest lesson.

Lesson:Alone we are great, together we change the world. Trust others

Photo credit: pexels