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The 5 inspiring podcasts that drove me to launch my own

I love podcasts.

To me, they represent such a simple way to tell stories, share perspectives and inspire others and to do so in a real and transparent way. Over the past year, I have dove headfirst into listening to podcasts… and I’m not the only one to do so.

Podcast listenership grew 23% between 2015 and 2016 with an estimated number of 57 million listeners. Platforms such as iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher make finding new podcasts to listen to and share super easy. I most certainly fell inside this 23% growth number as I look to podcasts more and more for information and educational value due to easily accessible platforms and the ability to have this information readily available on the go.

This past year I also began to get an overwhelming urge to start my very own podcast and in July of 2016, I did just that and launched my podcast the Power Of Great

I launched my own podcast because I was so inspired by the profound effect that listening to other’s stories, interviews and educational experiences had on my own life.

While there were a lot factors that led to me starting my very own podcast, it was the information, encouragement and confidence I gained from listening to podcasts that helped speed up the process of going from nothing to launching my podcast.

In particular there were five podcasts that ultimately inspired me to make my podcast launch a reality and enabled me to garner over 100,000 downloads in its first 6 months.

Here are 5 self-improvement podcasts that are sure to inspire you to start your own.

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Entrepreneur On Fire: John Lee Dumas

Not only is John’s podcast one of the most downloaded podcasts on iTunes and been awarded the Best Of iTunes distinction, it also serves as a true “How-To” for any potential podcaster who wants to start their very own. John Lee Dumas does an amazing job at offering serious podcasters a place to get real time information that they can use immediately to help them launch their podcast. At the same time, the content on his podcast serves as a huge learning tool for me on how to structure my podcast and the direction I want to take it. Listening to interviews with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris, and Barbara Corcoran has been eye opening and definitely helped shape the vision of my own podcast launch. The cool thing about this podcast is that JLD was not only a huge inspiration for me, but he was a guest on my very own podcast. Full circle!

The School Of Greatness: Lewis Howes

If there is a single entrepreneur or public figure that I can truly say impacted me the most and inspired me to start my podcast, it would be Lewis – the creator and host of The School Of Greatness Podcast. His unique athletic background and laid back approach to interviewing people really stood out to me. The authentic way in which he approaches every show and his ability to make every guest feel comfortable and in their own element really spoke to me and was something that I knew I wanted to create on my show. Being able to have Lewis as a digital mentor of mine has been a huge asset in helping me take my podcast from idea stage to launch phase. Not only did his podcast add instant value to my life, my business, and my own personal development, but it truly helped me launch the Power Of Great.

Art Of Charm: Jordan Harbinger

I was first introduced to the Art Of Charm podcast through my connection with the ultra successful business coach and mentor Micheal Burt, who was also a guest on the podcast.  What I like about this podcast is its flexibility in style and interviews. You can truly learn about how to improve your business, confidence, lifestyle and even love-life from this podcast. What I liked the most about this podcast is the raw opening where Jordan and AJ literally jump right into the podcast rather than having an overly produced or fancy introduction. This particular style not only identified with my style, but it also was comforting to see two individuals get right to the point and deliver raw and uncut information that so many people can identify with and use right away to better themselves. 

This Is Your Life: Michael Hyatt

One of the most professional podcasts you can download today has been on my listening rotation for the past two years. I was first turned onto to Michael Hyatt by a friend of mine who referenced his content when I was starting to start writing my blog. Like most people, I went to Google and searched “Michael Hyatt” and his podcast came up in the search. The episode that really helped the most during my podcast launch journey was The Mindset That Will Limit Your Future. The balance of refreshing content and subtle, in your face takeaways is something that I also liked and Michael has a great way of telling a story through his podcasts. He has helped me understand that your podcast is equally about the information you will receive AND the way in which you tell the story.

University Of Young Entrepreneurs: Brandon T Adams

It is easy to find content that resonates with you. What can be difficult is finding someone who is at a level of success you want to achieve yourself and also delivers content that you can relate to on a very personal level. Brandon has an energy about him that is truly infectious but it’s his ambition and willingness to push for his dreams that I found to be the most intriguing. When I was first introduced to Brandon, I was struggling with finding a millennial who I could truly relate to. Brandon’s podcast was so refreshing and Episode 167 of his podcast where he discusses the impact that Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich had on him showed me that a podcast should also have those episodes that showcase things that have had an impact on you as well those people you will interview. 

Now it’s your turn.

These five podcasts and podcasters have truly played a major impact on my journey in 2016 and not only provided me with information that has helped me launch my very own podcast, but the inspiration they continue to give me every episode is something that I have to say is very important to the growth of my podcast is such a short amount of time. 

For those of you who are looking to find new podcasts to listen to and are looking for new points of inspiration as you move forward in 2017, these five podcasts can provide you with just that. If you are someone who is aspiring to be a podcaster or has an idea to launch your very own podcast in 2017, then take it from me. These five podcasts can help you as they were instrumental in helping me create a brand, a podcast, and a voice online while placing my name among those who now has a podcasting platform to share their gifts with the world.