5 money saving tips for young and first time entrepreneurs

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As a “success coach” (is that even a real title?!), I teach young entrepreneurs how to find their authentic voice when creating their ventures, how to tap into their most potent creative work and how to become more efficient leaders. I educate people on both the art and science of Flow, and how #flowstateofmind mindset and actions matter in your business.

After years of traveling, coaching and teaching internationally, I have found that the most success in business ventures comes when brands have heart.

What does heart mean in business you ask? Well, connection leads to compassion. Allow me to walk you through five ways to start ramping up your ability to genuinely connect with your ideal client, the ones who you can’t wait to do business with.

Observe a simple psychological phenomenon – creating trust with another human. When we are given the space to talk about ourselves, we build trust almost immediately. The brain releases serotonin and dopamine when someone listens to our issues or problems, and we show empathy as a result. Authentic branding works when you create content that matters to the individual, content that empowers people because it has the element of human connection.

The easiest way to improve your branding & lifestyle content is to get inside the minds of your ideal customer/client… to get to know them and their needs. Not just the ‘static’ followers, those folks who are watching from afar with no intent to use your products or services. Zoom in on the ones you can connect with and help them solve their unique problem with your product, service or brand.

These are 5 ways to create authentic branding on the cheap, without sacrificing quality.


1. Invest in high quality photos.

Establish Core Values of the brand. Those core principles should be woven into all content.

-Photos are content, and are extremely important for branding. Start budgeting for quarterly photo shoots with vibrant photographers to build your brand. They are critical for social media, web presence, other marketing materials.

-Make sure hair, make up, wardrobe and shot list (with props) are planned ahead of time. This will make everything run more smoothly on the day of the shoot. If you are camera shy, now is the time to step into Flow and just be yourself and own it!

2. Create an intro video for YouTube

…with you speaking directly to the camera about your philosophy for the brand, who you help, and how you help them. Be specific with exactly who you work with and how you deliver. Smile, laugh, pretend you are having coffee with a friend who you are so excited to reconnect with and you have exciting news to share with them. *Bonus points if you also put it on the front page of your website.

3. Hold in person events or attend them, and work on emotional intelligence.

Making in person connections is an opportunity to learn from others. Spending time to talk in person builds trust and authentic relationships, but asking the right questions is key. I love getting to know what other entrepreneurs are on fire passionate about and how they serve and give back. Those conversations go a lot farther than the dreaded, “what do you do and where are you from?” Get personal.

4. Find your highest truth in your brand and speak to that.

Not sure how to find your best content creating voice? Start writing in a journal, attending a personal development retreat, releasing your fears and self limiting beliefs in business and creating a mindset of Flow. By developing the self, you inadvertently improve your brand. Your truth is activated in your higher level brain, which can then communicate with the highest truth in others. Skip the material and surface level “safe” branding, and get right to the heart of things. Practice being vulnerable often. People want to know You in lifestyle brands, so communicate the bigger message in your content. Again who are you helping, and how to you make the choice to serve with your brand.

5. Collaborate with others who have similar core values, and raise each other up.

Whether it is through representing other brands in social media or hiring other entrepreneurs for contract work, align yourself with people who take pride in their work. Investing in skilled graphic designers and social media marketing experts saves you time and gives your brand a more professional feel. I will often make a dedicated post about how amazing a person is to work with, and how authentic their brand is. Tap into gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside and with other entrepreneurs doing their part to create beauty and connections in this world. Raising others up raises your own energy, and people can sense that. The market is big enough for everyone to be successful, so practice stepping out of scarcity mindset and into Flow with other leaders in their respective industries.

I want YOU to tap into your own personal power, freedom to design your lifestyle and the ability to create and scale businesses that are an extension of your highest truth. Success starts with establishing integrity, creating a Flow State of Mind in everything you do, and attracting the right opportunities and people to your brand.

Written by Summer Huntington

Summer Huntington holds a Masters in Kinesiology and is the founder of Clubbell Yoga. She also coaches emerging entrepreneurs to create authentic brands with heart through her signature Flow State of Mind Coaching programs, based on coaching psychology and mindset techniques. Summer also leads retreats for personal development, mentors people around the globe and is a Head Coach for RMAX International - a leader in Flow Science and performance coaching.

Always on the move, Summer has led Clubbell Yoga seminars and workshops in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver, BC, Budapest, London, Brisbane, Madrid and beyond. She has taught Clubbell Yoga at Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Whistler, Victoria Yoga Conference, contributed to Shape Magazine, and writes inspirational articles for multiple online magazines.

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