5 Reasons Why You Need a Fitcation

We are constantly bombarded with messages, emails, notifications, meetings, and invites. Our world is very fast paced and there aren’t many signs of it slowing down. With the introductions of technology like wearables and virtual reality, our lives are going to be constantly connected through technology. The downfall that this is having on our society is that we are so dependent on our devices, and need them within an arm’s reach at all times.

This is putting a drain on our bodies both mentally and physically and it’s time we realize that it’s OK to take a break. When I say take a break, I don’t mean step away from your computer for 10 minutes and come back and work for the next 5 hours. Don’t get me wrong that is a break, but I’m thinking of something much bigger than that.


We need to stop what we’re doing, get outside, get active and recharge our batteries through physical activities and relationships. That’s what needs to happen. So I’ve provided my 5 reasons why you should get out of the office and take a fitcation.

Work too much

As already mentioned everyone is working a lot these days. It may seem like people aren’t because lots of jobs are more flexible but we check emails, and communicate for our jobs almost 24/7. Everytime we visit LinkedIn for example, there’s a possibility we will come across a potential customer we should reach out to. Most times we choose to reach out. This is still us engaged in work mode.

Sit too much

Studies suggest that sitting too much is hurting our health. I know for a fact that I myself sit too much, and I’m starting to incorporate more movements throughout my day as well as a stand up desk to work on. Stand up desks force me to stand and use my computer. This is a healthy reminder to myself that my body will be sore if I just sit in my chair, and work on the computer all day.


Caption: New stand up desk from Oristand

Not eating healthy

Let’s be honest, we all like a little fried food once in awhile, but choosing to have fast food or eating out is terrible for our bodies. Now as my wife says, “everything in moderation is allowed”, which I agree with. Don’t eat 2 donuts 3 times per week, instead eat 1 donut once per week. If you want a better idea of what goes into your food I suggest you watch the Food Network. It opened my eyes, and is one of the reasons why I eat as clean as I do. I realized that there is so much butter and sodium that is added into basically every dish.

Connect in person

With all these crazy addictive apps and social networks available, we sometimes forget that we need to speak to people in person. Communicating with emojis and SMS is one thing, but connecting and communicating in person is another. Fitcations allow for you to connect with other like-minded people and build friendships. Connecting in person builds a more genuine connection and you get to see what people are truly like and vice versa.

It’s fun!

Whether it’s hiking a mountain together with 10 others or sweating it out first thing in the morning with an intense HIIT workout on the beach. Going on a fitcation is fun, and it inspires you to live a healthier lifestyle. We want to have our guests leave our getaways inspired to make better lifestyle choices, but also realizing that they themselves can travel with fitness and nutrition in mind.

It was on a drive home from work in the car when my wife told me that we should focus our getaways around “fitness and nutrition”. That was the point when we started to develop and build our idea into something. It’s simple, there aren’t enough options for people who already live a healthy lifestyle to travel living the same way they do at home. Well on a budget at least; and we wanted to change this with Connected Getaways.

We wanted to create a unique experience for like-minded entrepreneurs and startups to have fun and travel together, while being active and eating healthy food. Connected Getaways is geared towards leading luxury fitness getaways for top startups and fitness minded entrepreneurs around the world.

We chose to build the company focused around four pillars; fitness, nutrition, travel, and networking. These play a daily role within our lives and are passions of our team. Having lived abroad, traveled the world, worked within a corporate environment, and everything in between, it was time to start something I was passionate about and therefore Connected Getaways was born. We wanted to encompass the four pillars I touched on earlier with unique experiences for our guests during our getaways. They can expect cooking classes, daily workouts, special guests, off-site activities, + much more on our getaways. So guests can expect to participate in some cool activities, but we also make sure that all guests know that this is a fitcation and having time to relax is key. We give our guests the ability to relax and make sure not to fill up the entire getaway with planned activities.


If you’re ready to experience a new type of vacation that is healthy for you, than joining Connected Getaways’ exclusive group of fitness minded entrepreneurs could be just what the doctor ordered. Literally.