5 Ways To Find Influencers Who Will Share Your Content

Editor’s note: If you’re a first time entrepreneur launching your product or service, your first point of business will be to connect with your audience. One of the most effective ways to do this is to leverage the network of already established influencers. We had AJ write this piece for you as you set out on your entrepreneurial journey.

Influencer marketing can allow you to connect with an entirely new audience. You can also use the benefits of influencer association to boost the value of your brand. If you want to allow your SEO optimized website to reach thousands of new people, it’s time to start finding some influencers who are going to share your content.

So how do you go about finding these influencers? These five strategies are going to show you how you can get started.

1. Share Their Content 

If you want someone to share your content, it only makes sense that you share their content first. This is the easiest way to get them to notice you. Find out what platforms they’re active on first, then start hunting down their content.

Don’t just find anything that they have and then start sharing it. You have to make sure that your own audience is going to be interested in it first. Try to make sure that the content you share from them complements your own.

2. Comment on their Blog Posts 

Another way to get people to notice you is to comment on their blog. In a world where engagement matters more than ever before, even a single comment will get you noticed. Most influencers realize the importance of responding to comments, so the chances are they will reply to you.
Make sure you say something that’s actually insightful. Don’t just tell them it was a nice post. The goal is to draw them into a conversation, so you can continually engage with them.

3. Contribute to Their Website 

Most top influencers search for people who want to write guest posts for their website. Guest posts are great because they automatically get you in touch with a new audience. You’re also building that relationship with the influencer because content is an extremely valuable commodity in today’s world.

Check out their guest posting guidelines, or better yet contact them directly to ask about any guest posting opportunities. Add as much useful information about you as possible.

Include some information on what you do, what you’d like to write about, and how their audience is likely to benefit from the piece.

4. Write Great Content Yourself 

Engaging with your influencer is one thing, but you need to take the relationship with your influencer even further. If you want to connect with influencers, you have to show that you can produce quality content. Research has shown that when such content does appear it’s always going to get more engagement, and that includes from influencers.

To get influencers to share your content, you should also make sure that it’s relevant to their target audience. They’re only going to consider fresh content that their target market is going to love.

5. Think About Featuring Them

Providing a direct mention of an influencer in a piece of content is a bold step you can take in the right situation. You could feature them in the form of a quote, or just through a direct recommendation. Influencers love this because you are giving them a lot of value, and demonstrating that you actually believe in what they’re selling.

To get an influencer’s attention, this is among the most effective ways. Just make sure that you aren’t fawning over them or trying to shove them into a place where they don’t actually fit.

Try not to overdo this. Make sure that any mention of them is actually relevant, otherwise it’s going to seem incredibly forced. If an influencer likes what they see, the chances are they will contact you first.

How will you make sure that you get influencers to share your content today?

Written by Aj Agrawal

Aj is a regular writer for Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Media (among others), as well as CEO and Chairman of Alumnify Inc. Proud alum from 500 Startups and The University of San Diego. Follow him on Twitter @ajalumnify

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