I’m going back to the 9 to 5 corporate world (and I couldn’t be more excited)

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Wait… You’re going back to the 9-5 corporate world?

Yes. Yes I am… and I am JACKED!!

I was recently presented with an opportunity which, quite frankly, completely contradicts what I’ve loved most about being a work-from-wherever entrepreneur, (the freedom and flexibility), and what a lot of millennials are striving to do: turn their “side hustle” into their “main bae” so they can leave their 9-5 and be their own boss. Well, I did that.

I turned my side hustle into my main hustle and now I want to offer perspective as someone who left the 9-5 and is going back to it.

But what could possibly be better than being your own boss, creating your own schedule, working WHEN you want from WHERE you want in WHAT you want, while helping others?

I’ll give you a hint… It starts with op- and ends with -portunity.

I’m all about opportunity, learning, growing, experiencing life, making mistakes until I’ve figured it out, and being happy. I’m not always that way, but I certainly strive to be. So, in my pursuit of happiness, which differs for everyone so don’t get all offended by my words if they don’t tickle your fancy, I’ve found that I often say yes to things that are uncomfortable if my intuition is telling me to do so.

Right now, it’s telling me to leave the yoga-pants-all-day-er-day life to rejoin the 9-5, suit and heels (I’m not a tie wearing kinda lady) corporate world. “Wait, Charli… isn’t that the opposite of what you said you wanted in life?” Maybe. Maybe not? Maybe it’ll be exactly what I want in life.

Let me explain.

For the last 2.5 years, I’ve been working from home or from wherever I want.

leaving the 9 to 5 corporate world - woman on beachI’ve had zero commitments and the ability to do… well… whatever I want as long as I could afford it, while making an impact doing something I love. #dream

That may not be for everyone but for me, it’s been heavenly. When I made the decision to pursue an entrepreneurial life full-time, I had to make the difficult decision to leave something I loved and was good at: teaching my third graders.

When I weighed the pros and cons, the choice was obvious: leave the comforts and dive head first into the unknown. “Gosh that sounds crazy, who does that? Comforts are so, COMFORTABLE!”

Although I love comfort, I believe it stunts our potential and ability to grow. I had a Robert Frost type of opportunity that could crash and burn or take off. My “roads were diverging and I, I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.”

After discussions with mentors and a few sleepless nights, I came to this conclusion: I’d win either way.

If it crashed, I had my degree and could go back to doing what I knew I loved… teaching my favorite type of humans: kids. If it took off? Great! I’d be helping my loved ones and countless others get started on a healthier track in life, which would add value to each day, by taking what I believe are the best nutritional supplements out there. If I wanted to return to teaching while building this business, I could. What I do with AdvoCare is designed to be a part-time job with full-time income potential. It really was a win-win.

See, I think people get so caught up in what they thought their life was supposed to look like that when opportunity is staring them in the face, maybe even slapping them, they reject it out of fear. They ignore the hunches and allow the negative “What if’s” to hold them back from what could be the most pivotal moment in their journey called life. One quote that lead me through the first year was, “What if I fail?” “Oh, darling, what if you FLY?

I mean, what’s the worst that could happen if you get a bit busier? If you try it and it doesn’t work? If you tell everyone your vision for this opportunity and it doesn’t manifest? The haters get to say, “I told you so!”? You go back to what you were doing? You’ve learned that something you thought was for you, maybe wasn’t?

Please. Release your pride and ego. It’s destroying your future.

leaving the 9 to 5 corporate world - woman on floorIf you do “fail” and really need to respond to the haters who can’t see your vision and think you’re insane for going off the beaten path, just say, “I’m glad I tried. I find peace in knowing that someday, maybe near the end of my life, I won’t be able to say, ‘wish I had…’” and instead I’ll say, “I’m glad I tried, I have zero regrets. Will you be able to say that?” From that point on, they will probably leave you alone.

Friends. As far as I know, we’ve got one life. We start and end the same. The “dash” as they call it, that space between your arrival and departure from this life, is different for everyone. It’s not meant to be all rainbows and roses. If you follow me on my social media I often post the roses. Why? Because I love spreading light and love into the world and I believe we need more positivity on social media. If you really think I don’t experience setbacks and failures, or that adversities don’t come my way because you don’t see it on my Instagram, who are you kidding?

Try quitting your teaching job a month before the school year starts in a small town and going all-in with a multi-level marketing company. To say it nicely, I learned through unreturned calls, less invites to outings, and undisguised expressions of disgust that, according to the vast majority of a small town, doing what I did, is not a wise decision. I didn’t care, because my vision was and still is something that’s stronger than their opinions.

Here’s the thing:

No matter who you are or what you choose to do in life, you won’t be spared from adversity.

It’s bound to come your way, so why wouldn’t you choose an uncomfortable path? Discomfort comes in the unknown, but the unknown is temporary. The more you practice, the more you learn, the more comfortable the new adventure becomes; the better you become.

My decision to leave the comforts of a stable career and jump head first into the unknown taught me more about myself than any other decision or time frame had in my life.  When I failed I found opportunity, because I had no other choice. I uncovered negative self-beliefs that held me back from pursuing anything I thought to be difficult. In creating a path, I discovered strengths, more weaknesses, and interests I had that I didn’t know existed.

Why am I writing about this? Simply put… I turned my side hustle into my main hustle and I want to offer perspective from someone who left the 9-5 and is going back to it.

Why would I do that? Is the entrepreneurial life all it’s cracked up to be? Yes and no.

It depends on who you are. It requires self-motivation when the intrinsic drive has left. Like any job, it has its positives and negatives. I will tell you what I miss: Someone challenging you, pushing you, driving you because like I said, the self-drive wears off. I miss the structure of the corporate world and seeing people every day. When you’re building your own business, you’ll find yourself alone a lot.

Working from home is great but it gets lonely. I’m a people person and am energized by others. I miss being in learning environments and being lead daily by someone who knows more than I do. I miss being so busy that your productivity is through the roof because you do what you have to do when you have time instead of doing it later because you always have time. Mind you, I’m not married nor do I have kids so if those two things change, this article may as well. I’ll probably be praying for me time instead of escaping it.

leaving the 9 to 5 corporate world - woman on phoneI have this desire to learn and become more, and I miss the challenge of being a newbie in a foreign territory. Luckily, this is an IT consulting company and as we all know, technology is ever-evolving. This opportunity completely supports what I love to do most: to grow and be challenged.

Most importantly, something is telling me to go for it.

The craziest thing is… I wasn’t looking for this opportunity. My phone rang in November and I heard my cousin say, “HEY! I have a friend back home works for a company based in Chicago and apparently his boss’ boss met you somewhere and wants you to work for him. Can I give him your number so he can interview you?” You may have to read that again. I had to have her repeat it and then it still took a good 10 seconds of silence for t to sink in. I wasn’t looking, but after hearing more about it, I unknown desire found me before I was aware of it.

If you read my post on following your intuition that I wrote for PRSUIT at the end of August, you understand this is something I can’t decline because my gut is saying, “YES!”. Once you’re in tune with our intuition it’s important to follow it. Disregarding your intuition will lead to regret.

This opportunity will require me to leave the comforts of working from home, of what I know and love doing, to work for a company whose product and service I know very little about.

Oddly enough, I find comfort in the unknown because I am coachable and teachable. Anyone is.

You just have to be willing to struggle, to make mistakes, and to fail, so you can learn how to flourish, do things with excellence, and succeed. I am so excited for the opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing companies but even more so, to learn one-on-one from someone who came into this company as an average Joe, is now one of their partners, and even after years of working here, seems to be one of the hungriest people for growth that I’ve met.

I’m giving up luxuries like sleeping in, flexibility to be wherever I want when I want, and attending my noon workout classes for something I’m craving: an opportunity to grow, learn something new, to add to my strengths, and learn from my weaknesses. And yes, I’ll still be building my AdvoCare business, for those of you who are assuming I’m giving that up. Hell nah!

I am JACKED to say the least.

Written by Charli Muchow

Charli is a small town girl finding herself in the big city while passionately pursuing a purpose-filled life as a thinker, blogger, daughter, sister, friend, leader and motivator. She aspires to help others do the same and can be reached at @charlimuchow or

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