A guided meditation with Case Kenny

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Don’t give up, give in to your truth.

In this moment of deep relaxation and healing, remember that your anxieties, your doubt, your fears… those feelings do not define your truth.

Your truth is choosing to face them. Your truth is realizing that even though your feelings are ones you might not wish to have right now, they remind you that happiness has been waiting for you.

Where you belong is where your truth is. And vulnerability is your truth.

Find a sense of calm in knowing this.

Find peaceful stillness in knowing that right now, with each breath you are living your truth by giving in. Not by giving up, but by giving in.

Because when you give in, you live your truth.

And your truth will guide you to where you belong. Your truth, whatever it is right now, however temporary it is right now… is what will guide you to where you belong.

Where you belong is a place where you are warm and at ease. At peace. Reassured that you hide nothing from yourself. You give up on nothing, you run from nothing, you bury nothing.

Where you belong… is a place and state where you feel every worry, anxiety, pain, doubt, fear hold less and less hold on you. Where the pressure isn’t so heavy, where there’s light after the dark, sun after the storm.

It’s a place where you are okay. Where life isn’t so daunting. Where you feel weightless.
Where you live your truth.

Give in.

Give in to knowing that even though you carry these thoughts and doubt with you, you are alive. Even though you have experienced so many storms, you have made it out the other side. Even though you have experienced darkness, you have also seen the light. Even though you have hurt, you know what it’s like to be happy

And in this moment, your truth is here to stay. And in your truth, peace is here to stay.

Allow a sense of peaceful relief to flood over you.

You hide from nothing. You give up on nothing. You run from nothing. You bury nothing.

And remember that you have a powerful softness, a powerful sense of empathy for yourself that exists within you. That is your truth and when you let that shine, you’ll end up right where you belong.

Written by Case Kenny

Case is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the host of the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast. Reach him at or @case.kenny on Instagram.

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