A reason to believe in yourself

Hello friend.

I was thinking about you today and there’s something I want to tell you. I hope that doesn’t sound creepy and honestly I know nothing about you, but I do know something for sure.

You’re more than a lot of things in your life.

You’re more than… your self doubt.

You’re more than… what you haven’t done yet.

You’re more than… that thing that makes you insecure.

You’re more than… that failed relationship.

You’re more than… that feeling of being lost or falling behind.

You’re more than… anyone who has rejected you or made you feel less.

You’re more than so many things in your life and I think it’s time you realize this and live that truth.

You’re more than those things and they do not define you. You’re allowed to acknowledge those things but you can move on.

Bottom line: you’re allowed to believe in yourself.

You don’t have to wait to believe in yourself until you’ve done something huge or until all your life’s Ls turn to Ws.

You’re allowed to believe in yourself even in the midst of things falling apart around you.

Believing in yourself doesn’t make you delusional, pompous or crazy.

You’re allowed to believe in yourself even if you can easily think of 10 things that are wrong or bad in your life.

You’re allowed to believe in yourself because I know you can find one small thing that offers you hope. And it doesn’t matter if it’s 10-1. The score doesn’t matter.

All that matters is you’re in the game and you’re on the board.

Believing in yourself isn’t blind faith that you’re amazing or strong or powerful. It is an awareness that although some things might not be where you want them to be in your life right now, and there’s some upsetting moments from your past still holding weight on your heart… you have the ability to find a small strand of hope and hold onto it.

Belief in yourself comes when you don’t define yourself by those ten Ls but instead define yourself by that one W. Just one!

A singular ray of hope powers your self belief.

I want you to find that ray of hope. I want you to find that one small reminder in your heart that says you are capable and doing just fine.

It’s there! I know it is. Remind yourself that you are more than all those voices trying to drown it out. You are more than those things.

You are more than those things because you have a ray of hope driving you forward.

THAT is why you should believe in yourself right now. It doesn’t matter if the scales are massively tipped toward the Ls. Keep that one W in your mind right now.

That W can be something you did, something you accomplished, something you’re proud of or excited about or something small that makes you smile – big or small! It doesn’t matter.

Find that voice right now.

Find that voice that says you have Ws in your life.

– a good hair day.

– a good presentation at work.

– an appreciative text from a friend.

– a long hug with a sibling, your mom, dad or a good friend.

– finding $20 in your pocket.

– all green lights.

– a smile or compliment from a stranger.

Those are small Ws and might not mean much to you, but trust me… those are signs of hope. Hold them close. They mean you’re doing something right and that’s all you need to believe in yourself right now.

Let’s go.

Written by Case Kenny

Case is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the host of the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast. Reach him at or @case.kenny on Instagram.

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