Hi! My name is Case Kenny (@case.kenny) and I created the PRSUIT email to feed your soul.

This is a mindfulness email. ????

You could also call it a self development newsletter, a self help email or something entirely different.

I call it perspective.

With PRSUIT I share my no-BS perspective on all the things that make you human – your sense of self, confidence, optimism, mindfulness and so much more.

I call myself a “dudebroguy” because I’m just a guy who’s living his life. I’m not a coach, guru or more enlightened than the average person.

BUT I’m also a guy who knows that growth and fulfillment comes when you push yourself to be uncomfortable, try new things and live life from your heart.

With the email, I rely on my own life experiences to help you live your best life. That might include personal awkward stories, times I terribly embarrassed myself or silly jokes I love to tell that apparently aren’t that funny (*shrugs).

I do this to help you find your life’s truth – a truth that is so much more than living a normal, comfortable and expected life. Your truth is always pushing yourself to search for what lights you up inside — people, places, interests and passions.

Join me Mondays and Friday and you’ll find yourself saying to yourself…

“new mindset, who dis?


PS: I also host a podcast by the same name. Check it out on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.