Yep! Here’s what’s going on.

My name is Case Kenny (@case.kenny) and I started PRSUIT to share perspective.

I firmly believe that the world belongs to those with perspective.

And perspective happens when everyone is NOT on the same page. I didn’t create PRSUIT to give a daily rundown of current events, give you the sparknotes on what’s happening in the world or tell you what to think about something.

Quite the opposite.

Perspective comes from unfamiliar places and unfamiliar people and it’s my passion to provide you with unfamiliar perspectives.

^^ that’s me, Case… and I can say that PRSUIT has given me life perspective I never thought possible.

Perspective doesn’t come from the latest curated headline from Forbes (no offense Forbes), or the latest self help guru (no offense Tony Robbins). It comes from self-professed weirdos like myself and the amazing people I’ve met. Nerds. Misfits. Odd balls. Eccentric, future CEOs. Jetsetting artists and musicians. Folks who chase purpose and realize that they are always one decision away from a totally different life.

Until you change your thinking, you will always recycle your experiences. Embrace that mindset and seek out new perspective.

People will look at you and say “you’ve changed.”

Nothing will be the same.

-Case (@case.kenny)

Founder & Editor-in-Chief