Since launching in 2014, PRSUIT has engaged millions (literally!) of hungry weirdos like you and me. We’re extremely humbled to have become family with a worldwide tribe of subscribers.

Welcome to the PRSUIT ambassador program. To get started, sign up here:

This is where the fun really begins!

Our ambassadors are incredibly clever in spreading the good PRSUIT word – telling their family, friends, shouting from rooftops, posting on their social media, emailing their colleagues, putting up stickers in downtown Chicago (yes, someone has done that) and just general shenanigans to spread the word. It’s pretty simple. You just tell everyone about PRSUIT and we take care of the rest.

If you’re at a loss for words when spreading the word, you can always send the following:

Hey ___!!

Have you heard of PRSUIT? I’ve been a subscriber for a while and I wanted to encourage you to join their daily email.

Imagine if Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Neil Degrasse Tyson and that really smart guy from accounting had a baby and that baby was super clever, a great writer (but not too wordy) and sent you daily perspectives that helped you be the badass that you really are. That’s PRSUIT. It’s a daily email focused on perspectives that inspire you to be a badass human.

I get a lot of value out of it and think you would. Here’s a unique invite to join: _____

In return for being a kickass PRSUIT ambassador, here’s what you get:

5 sign-ups

Access to our ambassador-only private FB group. Lot’s of cool things going on in here.

50 sign-ups

We’ll give you a badass shout in our daily email. You’ll get a lot of views. Views are good.

25 sign-ups

Swaaaaag. Get our popular “DRIVEN” hat. Tell people why you’re wearing it.

100+ sign-ups

Hang out with Case (he’ll help you with whatever you’d like) + free access to any and all of our events for the year.