Ask and you shall receive…

As much as I’m the first person to be annoyed by this… I want you to be that person who raises their hand at the end of class or the end of a meeting and says “one last question.”


Just ask. Just ask. Just ask.

If you’re not asking in your life, you’re not getting answers and if you’re not getting answers, you’ll never truly know what you’re capable of. That would be such a shame!

Life rewards those who ask for what they want.

I personally have sooooo many recent examples of asking. Quite literally if you looked at my email outbox, my DMs or my texts – it’s A LOT of me asking for what I want.

– Hey! I’d love to write an article for the in-flight magazine of American Airlines. (done)

– Hey! I’d love to collaborate with you to create a cool guided meditation. (done)

– Hey! I’d love to audition for a voice acting role for ____. (audition is next week)

Point is… if you don’t ask, you’ll never get that thing.

Seriously. If you expect that thing, that person or that experience to just drop in your lap… good luck! You’ll literally be sitting around hoping and waiting for a loooooong time.

When you ask, you take your future into your own hands and you literally skip everyone who’s waiting in line, too afraid or nervous to ask.

Yes, asking for what you want is inherently self serving. BUT this is your life and you need to start going after what you want – aggressively and without fear! You need to ask, ask, ask and have no hesitation or fear of hearing “no” or the “occasional f*ck off!’

You need to send that DM, that text or that email. You need to walk up to that person and be direct.

– “Hey! I want to be promoted! What is it going to take?”

– “Hey! Do you want to go out with me?”

– “Hey! Here’s my writing, what do you think?”

– “Hey! I’m interested in interviewing for___. How can I make this happen?”

Shoot your shot, my friend.

This isn’t a particularly revolutionary idea – we all know we need to ask, but we don’t.

We throw excuses out like:

– “I’ll wait until I’m actually ready or prepared.”

– “I’m afraid of being told no – that’s embarrassing!”

– “They’ll definitely say no.”

And so on and so on…

But here’s the thing: you’ll never be 100% ready and you’d be surprised by what you get when you simply ask.

Not only do you get clarity in your life instead of those lingering “what ifs”, but you’ll find out quickly that people are surprisingly willing to help you. People want to help! They really do!

I’ve found that people love to use their influence, experience and knowledge to help others. It feels good and if people believe in you (even if only a little), more often than not… they’re willing to help.

You find this out by asking!

So, start asking!

Don’t assume it’s a no… ask!

But Case! What if I don’t know what to ask?

I feel you there. There’s a quote from a fella named Ed Parker that says “… if you don’t ask the right questions, I can’t give you the answers, and if you don’t know the right question to ask, you’re not ready for the answers.”

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing what you need to ask, but right now I’d challenge you to sit down and figure out the questions you should be asking in your life.

Sit down and say to yourself… “What are TWO things I want in my life right now that I don’t have?”

Consider those two things and then find a way to ask for something related to them in the next week. Anything. Big or small. Ask for a favor. Ask for advice or guidance. Ask for an introduction.

You’ll be surprised by how fast you can move forward when you start asking.

Shoot your shot and see what happens. You’ll be surprised how many times you hear “yes.”

Let’s go.

Written by Case Kenny

Case is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the host of the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast. Reach him at or @case.kenny on Instagram.

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