Wantrepreneur: Do you have what it takes?

According to AppSumo, a Wantrepreneur is: Someone who “is gonna” start a business. Someone who “will find the right idea some day.” Someone who wants to “act” like an entrepreneur. Someone who “thinks about starting a business” all the time, yet doesn’t get around to it. While it may seem like ...

5 Keys to getting the most out of mentorship

Being mentored is one of the ways I have built and ensured sustainable success for myself. It makes sense to work with someone who can give you the lay of the land, support you when you’re faltering, and help you keep your mind right, as that’s a huge percentage of ...

I (Definitely Don’t) Want to Be Like Kanye

Oh Yeezy. While the man is famous for relentlessly typing in all caps, questionable self-perception, and seamlessly jumping between industries, he’s somehow also managed to dig himself into a massive financial hole. Kanye is claiming, on social media no less, that he’s in serious debt. That’s debt to the tune ...

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