The Top Financial Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20s

There’s no witty opening. This is nothing but advice aimed at preserving and increasing your net worth. 1. Leasing a new car Cars depreciate the most in their first 3 years, which also happens to be the standard length of most leases. It might be cool to have a new car, but ...

Real Talk: The Value Of Your College Degree

Nobody ever woke up and thought “my life’s ambition is to work at the local Starbucks.” And yet, legions of newly minted college graduates will become baristas or worse (at least Starbucks offers benefits to employees who work 20+ hours per week). I get it. You feel betrayed. All your ...

College Is Over. Welcome To The Real World.

  Every May is filled with thousands of graduation ceremonies as students across the country celebrate their graduation from high school or college. The ceremonies themselves are filled with anticipation, excitement, and optimism. But once that euphoric high wears off, oftentimes it is replaced with dread and anguish. A lot of graduates ...

Why You Should Start Investing Now

  We learn so much in school, but we never learn anything about personal finance. Which is odd, considering that everybody is preoccupied with money once they enter the real world. It’s more important than ever to become financially literate. Because… 1. Compound interest is awesome Mind Blowing fact: If you invest $1000 for ...

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