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How to have the best road trip of your life

People f*ck up opportunities to have great experiences all the time. I want you not to do that. I’m a road trip fiend and I think I finally cracked the code. We have a romantic idea of road trips. The wide open road and all your worries behind and having those life ...

There’s No Such Thing As “Aspiring”

There is no such thing as an aspiring lawyer, just a law student. There is no such thing as an aspiring doctor, salesman, mechanic, or engineer. It’s assumed that if they stick with it they’ll be fine. If they get the right credentials and go through the system they’ll be fine. When we ...

Should You Stop Thinking About Your Purpose In Life?

  Aren’t you sick of being told you need a grand purpose for your life? Doesn’t it feel wrong? Like you’re forcing something. I’m sick of people screaming about why you need a purpose to be worth anything in life. The following gave me permission to live my life without answering anybody’s ...

5 Ways To Decide What To Do In Life

Some days I wake up and I have no idea what to do with life Time keeps happening and I’m sitting there watching it mildly frustrated, then acutely frustrated, then really freaking scared that that time going by is my life and I still haven’t made a choice. So whiney. I don’t ...

7 Lessons You Can Learn From Spartans

After getting over my disappointment with the follow-up to 300 I was reminded how badass Spartans were. They were just so hard. Not like chiseled-hard but like soul-hard. They train harder than anyone else, their living conditions were harder than the others, and their code of honor was harder than anyone else. In my ...

6 Imperative Things You Need To Know About The Global Economy

Nobody knows what’s going on. Your programmer friend is getting paid in gold bars, your kinda-smart friend with no specialized skill is making way too much money in consulting, and pretty much everyone else is waiting for a job to show up that isn’t miserable. Tyler Cowen’s book Average is Over explains how ...

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