Being a Man in 2014

By now, everyone’s familiar with the Goldman Sachs Elevator Guide to Being a Man.  We believe much of the criticism lobbed their way was unfair (apparently the judgment to distill truth from hyperbole isn’t as common as one might hope), so at the risk of receiving similar criticism (and repeating what has already been more eloquently stated) here are the PRSUIT maxims for being a man in 2014.


When in doubt, ordering straight liquor is never met with scrutiny (as long as you can stomach it)







Never forget a name.  Few things are more insulting







Headphones distract and filter your environment; try walking around without them from time to time, and you’ll be surprised at what you hear







A phone should be used for communication or entertainment only when alone; never as a crutch during unfamiliar social territory






Ten percent is never enough for a tip.  If you’re dropping $100 on drinks or dinner, you can afford to tip at least 25%






Never throw the first punch.  And be wary of throwing the second punch.  A barfight can turn into felony assault (or worse) when emotions run high







Everyone you meet knows more than you about something. Find out what it is and learn






Read.  A lot.  You’ll have more interesting things to talk about and the vocabulary to do so more eloquently





You can tell a lot about a person based on how they treat those below them.  True power doesn’t need to be maintained with condescension









Gratuitous PDA is for high school when you begin experimenting with the opposite sex.  In the real world it indicates insecurity, inexperience, and immaturity











Porn is destructive to your relationships and conversations with women; don’t waste your sexual energy on fantasies





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Be compassionate and a hero for someone in need; our bystander culture has allowed people to get away with despicable things







Selfies can be attributed to either narcissism, a cry for attention, or a lack of friends who want a picture with you; none are messages you want to send






Leave your sneakers in your gym bag.  Wearing them with jeans (or even worse, khakis) is an offense punishable by death in some countries






Only the mailman walks – show some hustle in what you do and be decisive when doing it







Learn to live in discomfort; resilience is a valuable quality that has become more revered with its scarcity






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Stop taking things so damn personally.  No one is going to make special accommodations for your feelings.





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Pull at least one all-nighter in your life.  You can sleep when you’re dead and one night without sleep isn’t going to make that happen sooner.






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Be decisive when ordering food or drinks






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Where you are now is a function of what you’ve done and how you do it.  If you don’t like where you are, change what you do and how you do it.







There’s nothing wrong with changing your behavior to adapt, we are animals after all.  However, remain cognizant of this and the dangerous game you’re playing.









Try spontaneity every once in awhile; you’re young, it’ll make a good story, and no one will ever want to hear about that one time you stayed in, watched a movie and went to bed by 10









Take cold showers to develop mental toughness (Read this)






Keep abreast of the news in the big 4 sports (NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL).  If nothing else for the subject matter, nearly everyone else follows at least one of these sports and it might be the only topic of conversation at the party








If you’ve never been hit in the face, take a boxing class.  If you get into a confrontation you’ll be glad you know how you’ll react.






Learn how to fake a smile and a laugh.  People are drawn to those who appear to be happy and having a good time.





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