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This blue collar millionaire can teach you how to become rich

What kind of businessman do you associate with the word roofer?   (you know… someone who builds and fixes roofs)

Blue collar millionaire?  Probably not .

Most associate roofer with a greasy dude who barely gets by financially and does the work that others aren’t willing to do like those depicted on episodes of Dirty Jobs.

Lee Haight was put on this planet to break that mold and he truly lives the American dream.

He has created success and wealth by sticking to his own brand of blue collar work ethic combined with 21st centuring marketing and sales tactics.


Lee  grew up in the roofing business with both his father and uncle owning roofing companies. He sold his first roofing job when he was 13 and hasn’t looked back since. He currently runs Roofing Professionals alonside his father Donald and he is dominating this multi-billion dollar industry.

The storm damage restoration/roofing industry is one of the most viral vertical markets in the world and Lee is on a path to help millions of people solve the economic problems that hail damage creates. Unfortunately for home owners, 2016 has been record breaking year for hail damage. Lee realized that there is no better time than now for him to scale up and get his piece of this multi billion dollar industry.

He has created his own millionaire status by following his own blueprint for growing his business.

I have been incredibly impressed by Lee and what he has accomplished with Roofing Professionals.

He has taken an old school industry and has scaled his business within it with technology, social media and creative marketing… and he still brings a certain blue collar flair to it that has left me inspired to share his strategies to help any up-and-coming entrepreneur scale their business.

Here are 5 strategies to apply to your business and scale it to a million dollars this year.

roofer1. Go Big or Go Home

Fight for the big deals!

By going for the biggest jobs or the biggest potential clients in your chosen market, you increase your transaction value and accelerate your path to a 7 figure income. Businesses fail when they can’t sell jobs at a high enough price for enough profit.

Lee has excelled because he sells jobs in the most affluent neighborhoods with the largest and most exotic roofs. He executes a $20,000+ average transaction value and has added insane multipliers to his bottom line as a result. He doesn’t back down from a tough market.

2. Buy Yourself Time

Build a lifestyle around your business.

Lee is willing to invest in people. Regardless of his past experiences and his realistic understanding that most people have and will let him down in some sense, he relentlessly invests in people to buy himself time. If you ever wonder how he is doing so many things at one time it’s because of his team.

Scale up your team to buy yourself the one thing in this life you can’t enough of- time.

3. Maximize Your Reach

People have to know you exist!

People cannot buy from you or work for you if they don’t know who you are.  The foundation of your business is based on your ability to get attention in the market place.  Learn how to maximize the reach of your network. Technology has made the world smaller, so learn how to leverage it to create the most opportunities for success.

4. Become a Master Closer

ABC… always be closing.

Money exchanges hand when a problem is solved and it takes a master problem solver to win in business.  Become sold on yourself by living a life executing at the highest level.  The ability to create a business opportunity with strangers and influence them is the key to your success.  Sales is a contact sport.

leeclosingLee’s experience in closing comes from over 50,000 moments of contact he has experienced as a roofing professional and business owner. At the same time, he has also been a dedicated student of many business mentors.

Don’t be a fool. Learn something from everybody you come into contact with.

5. Get the Right the People on the Bus

Get the right team in place.

To build a multi million dollar roofing empire you have to have the right team rolling with you on the bus to the success stadium. Don’t bring a team of p***y’s with you to war (from Lee). The storm business is war business and you’re going to want to have the best foot soldiers that recruiting mechanisms can attract.

Lee goes over some great tips in his How To Hire A Diamond – Recruiting Tips and Tricks video courses in Sky Diamonds University. Some quick lessons from that content though, is that when attracting a team of sales assassins, it starts with leading from the front.

Always remember tha you need to lead your own business if you want to scale it to 7 figures fast.

As a storm restoration contractor you need to be out in the field prospecting frequently to remind and demonstrate to your team the expectations that need to be met when operating in the battlefield. The same goes for any entrepreneur in any field. You have to be in-market leading by example!

A second lesson is that you need to ensure you have a well structured sales environment to thrive. Every sales person you bring on is there to drive revenue for themselves. That’s why people work, right? So, create a system internally that is a commission-based program that incentivizes your guys to thrive.

Reward your sales team for knocking on doors, getting you agreements and of course, closing and following through on deals. Every step in the process should have a revenue driven reason to be fulfilled to optimize your internal structure for generating your millions as company.

Image credit: flickr