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4 skills millennials need to build a strong personal brand

Currently the millennial generation is the largest and most diverse generation of people in the United States. It’s been forecasted that by the year 2025 they will hold a 75% market share of all jobs in the U.S. economy. As a millennial myself, I am concerned what those jobs will look like by the year 2025 and what the qualifications might be for those as well. That’s why I am taking action to improve and increase the skills and personal brand of my most important brand asset, ME.

Most millennials today are consumed with getting the feel-good job, the “title” opportunity, and the ‘work less, live more’ position. What the majority of them aren’t consumed with is what it really takes to not only get those positions, but keep them. Because today’s marketplace is so fast-paced and competitive it can be increasingly difficult to get noticed, stay noticed, and create the need for relevance. That’s why it’s imperative for millennials to have strong personal brand in order to stand out in today’s economy and job market.

As a whole, millennials aren’t perceived very favorably by the baby boomer generation. Boomers view millennials as entitled, needy, lazy, and disconnected from the “real world.” While there are some cases that could validate this, overall, millennials are so focused on creating a more profitable life that they are, in my opinion, misunderstood or simply looked over by their baby boomer counterparts.

I believe that millennials have the ability to become the most significant generation in our nation’s history. While that is a large claim it is one I see coming true if these four skills are possessed, developed, and implemented by ALL millennials.

Here are four skills that you should develop in order to build personal branding that enables you to stand out.

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1. Confidence

It’s hard to know that I belong to largest and most diverse generation in America to date and yet we are still having to explain ourselves, fight for relevance, and scrap to even get noticed. What’s more telling is that while EVERY brand known to man is starving for the millennial buyer to notice them, we still lack the basic confidence to stand out and get noticed ourselves. In order to stand out and have a strong personal brand in today’s fast-paced and saturated economy, confidence is a must. If you  want to hold a potential client, employer, or influencer’s attention today… you better possess or develop the confidence necessary to do so.

2. Drive

Drive is a skill that can’t be taught but can be coached, developed, and for those who already possess it, exploited. Satisfaction is running wild by the millennial generation and that is because many aren’t possessing the drive needed to survive. You are satisfied with your degree, satisfied with your salary job, but are you satisfied with your debt or your lack of tangible skills? Do you know what can compensate for those unsatisfactory things in your life right now? DRIVE. One way I continue to “skill up” my drive is waking up every morning a hour before I am supposed to. This gives me a sole hour to do whatever I WANT to and NEED to every day in order to be better than the day before. I no longer worry about the hand I was dealt or what society keeps dealing me. My drive creates my own deck of cards to play with.

3. Knowledge

The keys to the kingdom lies in the mind. He who holds the knowledge, holds the opportunity to create the wealth they have always desired. It’s only then that you will be able to possess the power you need to dominate your environment. Influencers are abundant and more accessible than ever thanks to social media, the world wide web, and the new phenomenon that is live streaming. There is no excuse for all millennials to become an expert in whatever area they wayn. Knowledge is something that is accessible to us from birth. However, many of us will only seek the knowledge we are told to seek through our education or our natural skill set. With greater knowledge comes greater confidence which will breed a drive some of you didn’t think you could have. Stop complaining, stop accepting, stop being reasonable, and start seeking out the knowledge you NEED to level up, skill up, and move up the food chain.

4. Execution

I recently had someone challenge me on this one. Let’s call him Mr. Green. He said “Matt, execution isn’t a skill, it’s an action.” While I agree, I simply pointed out that the action of execution is a skill that most millennials lack or miss. This was my weakest point and once I began going to work on my execution, my brand started to excel. I didn’t need to try to execute the greatest business idea or million dollar deal to strengthen this area. I started executing on calling people back, emailing people back, and following up with people in a timely and consistent manner. By executing on the small things with precision and consistency, it has made the big deals easier to execute. Most importantly, by having more confidence in myself, a drive to do what my counterparts aren’t willing to do, and the knowledge to see things through to their conclusion, my execution has become second-to-none.

Millennials… if you make the commitment to yourself right now to make an honest assessment of these four areas and begin working on your weaker ones first, you will start bridging the gap between your brand and those other generational brands who simply see you as spoiled, soft, and entitled. Furthermore, once these four areas of your personal brand become impenetrable, you won’t worry about how those others generations perceive you or describe you as because you will not only know that you belong but you will be compensated to be there.

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