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PRSUIT exists because of the great stories our contributors create. We spend each day creating original pieces but, just as important, we spend hours each day scouring the web looking for your stories. Stories that inspire. Stories that offer perspective. Our motto when looking for stories is:

Does this story make me want to explore more, live more and appreciate more?

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Well, we have been fortunate to have been featured across the web because our stories resonate and we’re growing fast.


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We write on a wide variety of topics from entrepreneurship and career advice to travel, productivity, self-improvement and inspirational lifestyle. The common denominator? Your experiences and personal anecdotes that make for an inspirational story. PRSUIT’s content is always reflective of inspirational experiences…the “why” behind stories. Want some examples of great content? Take a look around

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– 800-1500 words

– Must include personal anecdotes (I did x)

– Include takeways (because I did x, I learned y)

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