Crea Tyler wants you to drop out of college or quit your 9 to 5 & design your dream life

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Have you heard of Crea Tyler?

He’s a 19 year old entrepreneur, videographer, and model who is creating quite the stir on social media lately. He’s been called the next Casey Neistat and is attracting a lot of attention with his call to abandon college or your 9 to 5 to pursue your dreams.

His Youtube videos are getting hundreds of thousands of views and his Instagram posts get tens of thousand of likes and comments.

Crea Tyler - youtube videos

Crea Tyler - Instagram

His message is clear:

Crea Tyler wants you to stop living an average life.

I found out about Crea Tyler the other day through our Instagram page (@prsuit) when someone tagged him in a photo. From there I jumped to his Youtube videos and read up on the press surrounding him, his platform and his mission.

Mansions: check

Luxury cars: check

Private jets: check

Seemingly endless freedom to do whatever he wants: check

Crea Tyler - lifestyle

One thing is obvious. Crea Tyler is not a fan of the rat race or living a normal life.

But diving deeper, there is more going on.

For most, living Crea’s lifestyle at any age would be a dream come true. But, as with many things, dreams like this always seem to remain elusive… a next step. We know that we first just have to get through school, or we have to just get married, or we have to fulfill all these other obligations society has setup for us, then we’ll be able to chase our dreams.

If you’re like me, you’re afraid that tomorrow might never come and you begin to realize that life is passing you by. Worse, you’re not happy right now. You’ve let your dreams of when you were a kid die, and you’ve put all this time into working toward someone else’s dreams.

Perhaps that’s why Crea’s message of lifestyle design is so appealing.

I am all about new perspectives, so after hearing about Crea, I decided to check out his story and journey so far to see what I could learn from it.

Long story short, he grew up in his Dad’s house in New Hampshire, had some of his videos go viral while in High School, used to buy and flip mopeds, and started a clothing line when he was 16. In one of his videos, he tours his childhood room and reflects on the fact that everything he has ever created started there.

In small tiny room you can create anything. All you need is a dream and ideas.

But for him, ideas are just ideas. In high school he began to get the travel bug but realized he needed money to do that.

Wanting to turn his passion into a career, Crea knew that he would need to go to college to make money to support his love of travel and filming. After just one month in college, it struck Crea that he didn’t need a college degree to do what he always wanted to do. He already had the skillset and experience to do videography, photography, entrepreneurship, and other creative ventures… why did he needs someone else’s validation?

Following this realization, Crea called up his parents and told them that he needed to drop out of school. After only one month of college, naturally his parents were concerned, and everybody told him that he was making a huge mistake. Crea had worked hard in high school to get scholarship money and to go to a good school, so everyone feared he was throwing all of his hard work away.

Although this seemed like a huge risk to Crea’s friends, family, and society, he was confident in what he was doing.

I was so set on one day living the life I wanted. I wouldn’t stop.

After dropping out, Crea quickly got in touch with a group of guys in Los Angeles called ‘Escape with Wolves’ which was headed by Adam Horwitz, a young successful entrepreneur who made his first $1 million by his 18th birthday. Crea moved out to Los Angeles and began shooting film and working on projects with the group.

Crea Tyler with Escape with Wolves guys

Adam and Crea then started a videography and lifestyle movement together called ‘New Yewth’ where they filmed their life, trips, and inspired others to pursue their dreams. That experience planted the seed for what Crea recently decided he wanted to do with his daily vlog –  give people a more in depth look into his daily life, and provide more opportunity to give advice and inspire people. That’s where he is today.

He currently works full time on an app, designs clothes, does creative directing and social media management, and works with companies like PostMates, LG, and LAX airport… all while traveling and living according to his his own version of lifestyle design.

The other thing about Crea is that he has a lot of haters. Why wouldn’t he? Anytime you challenge expectations, people are going to hate. Take a look at his videos and you will see people commenting and questioning him on how he makes a living and accusing him of having rich parents who bankroll him or faking his lifestyle.

Crea Tyler - haters

It doesn’t bother me because I am happy.

I have a lot of respect for that. I have interviewed close to 100 top CEOs, entrepreneurs and creators on our podcast and have seen the haters come out in droves when people start making moves. The best way to handle them is to own it and be transparent.

With all the hate and accusations around how he affords his lifestyle, the cars, planes and beach houses, he owns it. He admits he doesn’t own a private jet… he uses Jetsmarter. He admits he doesn’t own all the homes… he travels with friends. He admits he doesn’t have massive wealth… he is building it.

What he does have is an insatiable will to live a lifestyle of pure freedom and he has found a way to make it a reality through his unique talents and network.

Recently, Crea released a video on his channel describing how he was starting up his vlog, and he wants any photographers, videographers, entrepreneurs, creatives, or anyone with interesting skills to apply.

This project quickly found success, and in 4 weeks the video received over 750,000 views, and over 40,000 people applied. Check it out yourself below.

What can we learn from Crea Tyler’s example of lifestyle design?

Just that. Lifestyle design. He is an excellent example to illustrate that there’s no time to waste when it comes to choosing to design your life.

Crea has a lot of years to live (he’s 19!) but I find his example to be a great reminder of the role that doubt can play in your life. Regardless of whether you enjoy Crea’s videos because they amp you up, you want to join him or you want to create your own platform, his example serves as a reminder of the extremely limiting effect that doubt can have on your life.

Certainly dropping out of school won’t work for everyone and luck plays a huge role in success like Crea’s, but he did the one thing that few do… he took his doubt head on and decided to act. Regardless of where his journey takes him, he will never look back and say “I wish I had done that.” I respect that.

Imagine all the things that would not have happened if I didn’t drop out.

Had Crea not decided to pursue what was in his heart, he would be a sophomore sitting in a college classroom rather than traveling the world, working with amazing people and companies, gaining new life experiences every day, and waking up every morning knowing he chose his life and didn’t settle for it.

Can you say the same?

Written by Case Kenny

Case is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the host of the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast. Reach him at or @case.kenny on Instagram.

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