How to create an unstoppable self-identity & have your biggest breakthrough yet

“Your income and impact always reflects your self-identity” – Robin Sharma

When it comes to fulfilling our goals and creating the results we want, whether it be in our business, health, relationships, or any important area of our life…

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that the real breakthrough happens internally, not from chasing external factors.

For the first couple years building my business, I spent all my time consuming trainings, jumping from strategy to strategy – always chasing the next “secret.”

I was conditioned to believe this was the ‘secret to success’ – but the truth is it caused me to feel more frustrated, further from my goals, and caught in action paralysis.

My real breakthrough came from shifting my focus from looking outside of myself, to realizing that for things to change, I had to first change.

I had to go from someone who consumed information, to creating an self-identity of a ‘producer’.

self-identity - man taking pictures

I had to make the shift from always following the advice of others, to leading myself, and seeing myself as a leader with a vision to inspire and serve others.

I went from someone who let the feelings of frustration hold me back, to someone who saw obstacles as opportunities, and chased my dreams with unstoppable, relentless passion.

As my self-identity changed, so did my results.

It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect strategy, the best coach and all the resources in the world if you don’t first see yourself as someone capable of creating the results you desire.

Or if you lack the confidence in yourself to take action, and do the work required to reach your goals.

Your sense of self shapes your behavior.

If you have the identity of someone who isn’t good enough yet, who doesn’t know enough, who is just a “newbie” that isn’t worthy of sharing your message and getting paid for your knowledge and expertise – you’ll always struggle to grow your business and make an impact.

If you have the identity of someone who will always be overweight and tell yourself things like “no matter what I do I’ll always look like this, so what’s the point?” – you’ll always struggle to see the results you want with your body and health.

Is it because you don’t have what it takes to make an impact, or get in the best shape of your life?

Of course you do.

But as long as you have a limited self concept, you’ll continue to take limited action. Which limits the amount of potential you use.

self identity - man looking down

To help you create an unstoppable identity and crush your goals, focus on these four simple, but powerful questions.

1. “What Do I Really Want?”

Paint a vivid image and clear, compelling vision for what you want. The life, the business, the body, the relationships. Know exactly what you want. This is the only way you’ll be able to create it.

2. “How Do I Want To Feel?”

As long as we depend on external results to make us happy, successful or fulfilled – we’ll never truly experience those things.

What I’ve learned that is more powerful than waiting until you have something, is getting clear on the emotions you want to feel as a result… and then feeling these emotions now.

You want to feel happy? Loved? Fulfilled? What can you do or focus on, right now, to experience these emotions?

3. “What Do I Have To Do?”

What are the action steps you must take, and will commit to, to see your vision become a reality?

Consistency is key. It’s not enough to have the right mindset, and know what to do – you must take action.

What’s one thing you can do today to move you closer to achieving your big goal? Do that thing. 

4. “Who Do I Have To Become?”

Now we’re back to talking about the identity. It’s all about being in alignment, and staying consistent with the version of yourself that will allow you to create the results you want.

How can you change your beliefs, thoughts and actions so that creating the results you want is simply a by-product of who you are?

If you were already creating the results you wanted, and living an amazing life full of purpose and passion… what would be different about you?

How would you carry yourself?

What are the new empowering thoughts and beliefs that shape your life?

I hope this provides you with some insight into breaking through, creating real change, and achieving your goals.

This is something I wish I knew earlier and would have saved me countless time, energy and thousands of dollars chasing external things.

The big takeaway I hope you receive is that everything you need is inside you.

The moment you realize this, and commit to taking action in alignment with this powerful version of yourself…

…is the moment everything can change for you.