Forget Bucket Lists…Time to Actually Do Sh*t

To me, New Year’s Resolutions are a bit like the all too popular Bucket Lists – superficially prescribed goals that people set to feel like they have either accomplished something or to feel that they are getting close to achieving something. There certainly is a time and place for such goal setting, but as it relates to general life philosophy and framework, we wanted to cast that kind of thinking aside and instead create a framework that is universally relateable and applicable at all points during the year – not just at the end or when looking ahead to lofty “bucket list”-like dreams. These are the achievable pillars that we think, if followed, will enable you to better yourself mentally, professionally, physically and mentally. These pillars might also let you set more specific resolutions that can direct future goals and expectations. This is not a live, laugh, love type of sappy philosophy. These are tangible, experience-driven things that you can drive to to inspire and accomplish.

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1. Read Books!

Reading has a totally different effect on the brain than watching TV, reading magazines or catching up on the news. It activates and engages the creative centers of the brain and offers you a sense of satisfaction and commitment that few other mediums can. Reading a book cover to cover allows your brain to run free and take part in the actual narrative/story of the book you are reading. Plus, reading actually makes you smarter and a more interesting, well-rounded person. Go pick up a book – -try fiction and non-fiction and find yourself more inspired than before. Try a 12 book challenge where you read a new book every month.

2. Lift Heavy Things

Set a physical goal for yourself and work towards it. Don’t set the all too common, “get the beach bod back by summer” or “abs for Spring break.” ┬áThose are “vanity of the mirror” goals and do nothing towards achieving actual substance in your life. As a man, I personally think that you owe it to yourself to be achieve and maintain the physique that the XY chromosome permits. Men are built to be strong and capable creatures so strive for that goal! Set tangible strength and endurance goals – – 50 pulls, 225 bench, 250+ squat, 10K run, circuit training etc. Challenge yourself for a sense of achievement – whatever the goal, don’t relate it a superficial “be the most jacked guy in the room” type goal. Set it and achieve it for a sense of accomplishment.

3. Get Out of Your Apartment

Travel and new experiences are the spice and creative fodder of life. Set a goal to see and experience a new place every year. It is incredibly easy to become complacent and comfortable with your local experiences that we forget the multitude of experiences that are out there in the world. Pick a place or pick a narrative of experiences and work towards living it. It can be small or big but whatever it is – -work towards living it!

4. Speak Up

Project your inner self-confidence in ways you never thought possible. For all the introverts out there – speak up and be uncomfortable. Volunteer to speak, engage with others and aspire to project and manifest the self-confidence that you know you have but often do not show.

5. Just Try it

Do something new and get out of your traditional routine. Enter a boxing tournament and then train towards that goal. Start learning to play piano. Learn a new language. Try something that you were not previously willing to do or that you thought you would not like. Don’t let others’ opinions sway you. Experience life for yourself.

6. Observe and Appreciate

Stop giving into the FOMO epidemic and the need to be engaged at every moment. Take time to better understand yourself and what truly makes you happy. Just because your friends are all going out doesn’t’ mean that you actually want/need to. Take time to walk around your city WITHOUT wearing your headphones. Observe the world through your own unfiltered lense and appreciate life for what it offers you internally. Find your happiness and then seek it out in everything you do.

7. Make New Friends

Ditch the idea that it is hard to make friends in your 20s and 30s. Get to know others, find common interests and engage with them. You are who you are because of the people you surround yourself with so don’t only settle for your current possee. Find and befriend those who inspire and motivate you!

8. Get Rid of it

Rid yourself of the people, things and experiences that do not inspire you. Simple but extremely tough to do. Take an inventory of the material goods in your life that you do not use or that do not serve a useful purpose in your life. Get rid of them. Think of your friends/acquaintances. Do they inspire you and engage you to experience life to its fullest ? If not, consider retracting a bit from that circle.

9. New Digs

Change up your wardrobe/appearance a bit this year. Always been a khakis and polo guy? Always rock a buzz-cut? Mix it up a bit and stop worrying about what others think.

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