Why Drinking Whiskey at 4am Is a Good Idea (if you want it to be)

New year, new you — how’d that work out for you? Poorly I’d guess. By now you should be a toned, French speaking whizz with a track record of helping someone less fortunate.

We’re now half of the way into 2015 — a perfect time to take stock. Before you start to wallow in your own self-pity give me three minutes.

First things first (love that saying) — it’s decision time. Remember that speech in Any Given Sunday? That’s your life right about now. It goes something like ‘You can stay here and get the shit kicked out you, or you can move into the light’. Quite dramatic but go with it. Today’s your turning point.

The choice you’ve got to make is in whether you are going to be constrained by guilt, failure and feeling sorry for yourself or are you going to achieve something?

If you’re inkling toward the latter, you’re in for a treat. It’s actually much easier than you anticipate.

Why’s that?


You start with two simple actions.

1) Stop beating yourself up for perceived failure.

2) Be honest with yourself. Truly honest.

Some people may have a heavenly body, others may have got that promotion you wanted and others may have started on the journey to learning a new language. The truth is it doesn’t matter. You’re in this for yourself. Comparisons are pointless. Do what you love and do it often. If that’s cycling, do it. Dancing, the same.

Modern society has conditioned us to get serious. Whatever happened to fun? Whoever said your life had to get so serious at 18? More to the point why did you listen? You are the only person who has control of your own destiny. That’s a powerful thing. This time tomorrow you could be in Thailand snorkelling if you really wanted.

Which means, stop giving a fuck and accept that perfection is impossible. Once you do happiness will start to be yours.

Chances are you only want toned legs because OK! told you that you did. To get a reasonable level of fitness is relatively easy. Three sessions of 30 minutes a week, including walking can cut it. Cut out a bit of the red meat here and there and eat more greens. Job done. If you want that chocolate cookie go for it. If you want a beer have one. Otherwise you’ll die of boredom which is much worse than dying young.

Live your life the way you want. Otherwise you’ll never be fulfilled. Find some balance. If you want to learn Spanish but don’t have the time, do it on your commute. Think about what that promotion really means for you? Longer hours, more stress and less time with your kids. It’s a personal choice, but for me that’s a straight up fuck that.

Go to that concert on a Monday evening, eat Churros with your boyfriend, smoke weed at that party. Drink Jack Daniels at 4am or 8am for that matter. Sing, dance in your kitchen, laugh. If you find calorie counting and sitting in on a Tuesday boring, don’t do it. Why would you?

Don’t let others or society shape your opinions. Life is about the people you meet and the dreams you create with them. Not about the mundane and living someone else’s dream.

Three minutes up. Go enjoy yourself

Title Photo Credit: flickr