What to do when you feel like giving up

Remember that guy who quit? Neither does anyone else.

Do you feel like giving up right now? Like right this second?

Giving up on a goal you set for yourself?

A project you’ve started but haven’t made progress on?

Your fitness goals?

Your aspiration to travel more?

On school? On relationships?

I’m willing to say that at least one of those is relatable for you.

I feel like giving up all the time.

Whether it be because I’ve begun to prioritize something else, can’t find the time anymore or simply am not seeing the results I wanted, the temptation to quit is an always present one.

Over the past year I have founded or co-founded 4 new side projects, been promoted twice at my day job, moved once, traveled internationally, set many goals for myself and have continued to learn and explore. Amidst this context of hustle and ongoing journeys, I have made it my purpose to not let my impatience get the best of me and have refused to throw in the towel on the projects I am working on.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, there will always be temptation to quit.

When you feel like giving up, here are 5 ways that have helped me keep going when it’s toughest and can help you too.

when you feel like giving up

1. Realize that you are not alone

For any entrepreneur or really anyone creating something that challenges the status quo, you will feel alone. That I guarantee you. This feeling of alienation will make you question why you started in the first place. It will make you want to find an excuse to quit… and believe me, you will find one if you let this feeling control you.

when you feel like giving up

The biggest mindset shift that has helped me keep going when this loneliness creeps up is knowing that someone else just like me has been in the same exact position I am now. Someone is in the same position. Someone will be in the same position.

When you’re on the verge of quitting, remember that you’re not the only person to feel this way. Acknowledging this has helped me immensely as it makes you realize that someone has been in your shoes… and they kept going, and going and going. They kept going and ultimately achieved what they set out to do.

It also helps lead you to the next point which is visualization.

2. Visualize your moment

If you feel like quitting, you’ve likely lost sight of the goals you’ve set for yourself at the beginning of your journey. You’ve likely stopped visualizing what success means to you. You remember what that looks like, right?

when you feel like giving up

Remember when you first started, what did you picture in your head as your big success moment? The moment that would define when you turned your back on average and embraced extraordinary.

Maybe you wanted to become a public speaker. You pictured in your head thousands of people attending your speaking event.

Musician? At your show with thousands of screaming fans.

Entrepreneur? Logging into your accounting platform and seeing hundreds of sales coming in.

Whatever it may be, remember what you pictured in your head and remind yourself of this vision. It will help reignite the fire in you.

3. Find examples

I don’t know about you, but one of the best ways to fire me up is to show me people who are already at the point that I want to be.

That fires me up! It gives me confidence that I am more than capable of continuing and achieving what I set out to do.

when you feel like giving up

Lewis Howes, for example.

Feeling lost on your quest to travel the world and do what you love? Check out Wandering Earl.

Want to be a wordclass blogger and writer?  Check out Jeff Goins

Fitness? Check out Maxx Chewwning.

You get the idea!

4. Change you attitude through your daily habits

when you feel like giving up

If you want to maintain your commitment to your journey, your daily habits have to reflect this commitment.

Here is what I recommend.

Write it down and watch sh*t get real

If you don’t write down your goals, how can you expect to keep at it day in and day out, much less actually achieve them? Write down your goal and place it somewhere you will see it everyday.

I have my goal as the background of my smartphone. That’s pretty hard to miss and it serves as a reminder of what I am trying to accomplish. It is the gentle prodding I need when doubt creeps into my head.

Started from the bottom, now you’re here

Show some gratitude for how far you’ve come!

When you feel like quitting, just remember how far you’ve already come. Don’t be realistic about what you can achieve.

Give back

Take your experience and talents and use them to help someone else – and expect nothing in return. I have found this to be the most refreshing and rewarding way to renew commitment in my journey. Practicing this gives you new perspective, shows you how far you’ve come and will undoubtedly inspire you to continue.


Just get away from it for a minute. Clear your head. Do something fun.

5. Surround yourself with people who exhibit qualities that you want to possess

It’s cliche to say that you need to surround yourself with people who inspire you, but from my personal experience, this is truly the most effective way to keep you on your journey. When you feel like quitting, you put your blinders on, you get in your head and you focus on the immediacy of the challenges you are facing. When you surround yourself with fellow hustlers, their perspectives will be what enable you to keep your head up and on your journey.

when you feel like giving up

From my own experiences, I can recall countless times when I’ve been down on myself and considering quitting. Knowing that I could turn to my business partners, advisers, friends and family was crucial in keeping me on my path. Their perspective enabled me to escape the spiral of doubt in my own head and realize how far I’ve come.

I’d love to hear about what you do when you feel like quitting. Email me case@prsuit.com!