Find Out if It Is Time For You to Get Married

Time magazine put together this nifty little app that graphs what my grandmother has been bitching about to me since I was in high school:  all my friends are getting married and when am I going to find a nice Jewish girl to settle down with.

The application measures the median age of your married friends, meaning the person for whom half your married friends are younger and half are older. Because you are probably friends with a lot of people close to your age, this figure will theoretically identify whether you have passed the point where many of your contemporaries start tying the knot. It will work better for some than others (Time.com).

Here are some observations:

1)      Unless she’s lying about her age I think my mother de-friended me

2)      This is an example of what we call selectivity bias; your Facebook friends are largely going to be around your age (due to the tendency to go to college/hang out with people around your age), and this statistic selects only those Facebook friends who are married, thus you would expect the median age of married folks to be relatively in line with the median age of your friends as a whole

3)      Nearly all of my high school friends are engaged or married, with very few college friends engaged/married.  I’ll leave it to you to draw correlations between education and marriage.

Check out the app and let us know where you fall.

Title Photo Credit: flickr