Finding Mentors In Movies & TV

When You Can’t Find Them In Real Life

Mentors, they’re very helpful. They can point you in the proper direction as an entrepreneur. They’ve been through it already, and they have knowledge and wisdom that far outweighs your own. For that reason, you should definitely find a mentor right now if you haven’t already. If you’re having trouble finding one, or are in a small city or are still on the much younger side, here is one thing you can do to find that mentor

Use movies. There are plenty of movies where there are motivational types of characters that can act as a mentor of sorts to you. Or, they can act as the friends that you don’t have that have similar drive, and aspirations and ambition as you do, because those are hard to find in real life as well.

For example, some of the movies that are like that for me are, Casino (Sam Rothstein played by Robert DeNiro), Entourage (Ari Gold played by Jeremy Piven), American Gangster (Frank Lucas played by Denzel Washington). There are many others, but those are just examples so you get an idea of what I’m talking about. In those movies, the motive is all the same, get their business to such a high level they take over their entire industry. For Sam Rothstein, taking over the casino scene in Las Vegas was the ultimate goal, watch it if you haven’t seen it, fun stuff. Frank Lucas was set to take over the drug game in New York, great business lessons in that movie as well. Ari Gold, set out to take over Hollywood, in his position and industry, he technically did. Although he isn’t the main character of the show, there is still lots to be learned from him.

Now imagine if you had Ari Gold as a friend, or even a mentor, that’d be pretty cool. Imagine you had Frank Lucas as a friend, the power you could have access to. If money is your thing, Sam Rothstein at your table for lunch could help you amass great lengths of wealth. Sure, you don’t have these guys at your disposal in real life, but if you lack mentors in real life, these are the best thing you can get. It works, characters in movies are inspiring and motivational. Don’t tell me you’ve watched Batman, or Rocky and not gotten motivated?! Utilize those forms of entertainment. You can take away a lot from them if you “watch between the lines” and search for inspiration within the characters.

Right this second, there is a new TV show on HBO titled “Silicon Valley”. It’s about a group of guys trying to get their startups off the ground. I’m in a similar situation, my startup TimerVise is currently in development. It’s a web productivity app that helps you from procrastinating while working online, our launch page is currently up, please go sign up if you think it can help you! Back to the topic, that show is a great show for me because I can relate to them and what they go through, while drawing inspiration and motivation from them also. So start Googling movies and shows you can watch, and they’ll help you!