Here Is What Happens When You Jump And Grow Your Wings On The Way Down

The other day I posted a comment on Facebook and it got tons of engagement, so I thought it worth sharing here on the blog. And yep, I get it, everyone’s experience will be different and there are always exceptions to every rule. But here’s what I think is most likely to happen when you jump and grow your wings on the way down…

My Facebook post

I see a lot of memes and comments about how ya gotta be willing to jump off a metaphorical cliff to have the life you want, and your wings will grow on the way down.

I do agree, you SHOULD jump. But know this, on the way down the face of that cliff, as you’re falling, you will get scrapes, lacerations, and broken bones before your wings sprout. In practical terms, that means:

  1. You will have anxiety like you’ve never experienced before.
  2. Your faith will be tested in ways you’ve never imagined.
  3. Your relationships with friends will be strained because while some of them will support you, many won’t.
  4. Your credit rating could get dinged up.
  5. Your mental health may be affected via depression.


This is real talk from someone who jumped and is still waiting for his wings to fully form.
So, go ahead, jump and live the life of your dreams. But be sure to do so knowing exactly what to expect.


And if you’re not prepared to face those five things I mentioned, you should keep your day job.

Good luck!

This post also appears on trepdadlife.com and is published here with the permission of the author