Here’s why I think it’s possible to do anything


I’ve been wanting to talk about this, because I feel a lot of people still don’t believe that things are possible. That if you set your mind to something, not dream about it, not fantasize about it, but actually put all of your attention and focus into something—you can do amazing things.

But before I explain my thoughts further, let’s define the word “possible”


Me translating the definition of the word Possible: Things that are possible are things that are able to be done, within your capacity (Meaning something you are capable of doing). Also someone or something that has THE potential to become or do something more. Pretty powerful stuff right?

“I can do, whatever I want to do. It’s just something I believe in.”

The other day I was sitting at work in Manhattan (near the Flatiron District) and I had a really random thought, wouldn’t it be crazy if I ran to work? it would be insane right? The Subway took 40 minutes, so the run must take WAY longer than that.

When I got home that evening, this feeling of “doubt” became to overcome me, I couldn’t do it. I said to myself. I would never be able to. Then something weird happened. I remember smirking to myself and thinking;

I can do it

So I tried it…


I didn’t think this was possible.

Subway — 40-ish minutes.

Running — 47:33 minutes.

Not to bad right?

It’s amazing, how a single thought made me curious enough to want to try something that I wouldn’t have thought to do before. It just never seemed realistic to me. Now, my life is completely different. I’m going to attack things…little things, big things, tremendous things.

This is what I believe, and I’m willing to die for it. — Will Smith

Question for You

Do any of you have thoughts throughout the day? Thoughts about what you want to do? and why you aren’t doing them? — Send me a TWEET, RIGHT NOW! and tell me about it! (That’s a link directly to my twitter profile, I made it super easy to tweet me)

Hmmm, I wonder what would happen if one day, you would just try it…whatever it is you want to do.

The day I accomplished this run, I realized something

I have potential. Untapped, un-measureable potential—just sitting there, waiting for me to fire it up.

…sometimes you just have to believe, that it is possible.

I’m from a small town, I have a great family, I’ve made some wonderful friends, I have a great job in a big city and I love it. But my life wasn’t a breeze, I was on the hospital bed more times than the number in a bakers-dozen. Every time I saw that operation light swinging over my eyes right before I blacked out from the anestesia, I wondered if that was what death was like—and every time, every single time…I wondered if I had done enough.

And every time I woke up, I knew I had to do—more.

“Sometime’s it take’s seeing the dark side before you realize, that you’ve only got one shot. ”

Hustle is something that I believe I’ve always had. It was something that differenciated me from most of my peers. Internally I knew, that where I was, was not where I was going to always be. I didn’t know what I would be doing, or where I was going. But I just knew, that wherever I ended up “being” It would be doing something that I loved. I wouldn’t settle for anything less.

I couldn’t.

I have a LOT more to say aboutWhy I Think Anything is Possible but first I want you to tell me what you think about this post so far.

Too wishy washy? need more tangible advice? or do you want more?

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Written by David Rock

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