Why are we a generation who doesn’t have time to pursue its dreams?

Paul Jarvis is a web designer and bestselling author, who’s obsessed with nature and hairless rats. His latest book, Everything I Know, is a guide to freelancing as a creative professional (without living on ramen noodles or settling for bad clients).


I don’t have time to follow my dreams!

A travesty of modern times is that we think we don’t have time to pursue what we love. How can we find time to write our book, paint a masterpiece, write that song or whatever else we’d love to do with our lives?

I’m too busy. You’re busy too. We work long hours, and there’s not enough time in the day, not even enough time sleep properly. There’s just no time.This is bullshit.

Pursuing your passions is not about magically creating extra hours in the day, it’s about prioritizing the time you’ve got.

Let’s break down a 24 hour day. Sleep is important, we need 8 or so hours of that (otherwise whatever you do will suffer). We work 8 hours a day at a job, since not all of us have the luxury of pursuing our creative passions fulltime. Say we need another 4 hours to eat, do chores… basically accomplish daily tasks that are menial but required. That leaves 4 hours.That’s a lot of fucking time. What if we didn’t use it on social media or watching televsion or consuming?

What if instead of reading, we started writing? Instead of listening to music, we learned how to play the guitar and sing? Instead of going to museums or galleries, we bought a canvas and some paint?

Change your paradigm of wanting to consume to wanting to create and the possibilities are limitless.

It’s not that you don’t have time to do what you want to do with your life, it’s that you just aren’t doing it through prioritizing your time. If there’s something creative inside you that needs to come out, nothing should stop you in letting it come out.

Now that that’s cleared up, what the fuck is holding you back?

Title Photo Credit: flickr