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How to change your life in 2017 (4 ways to make it last)

Every year I would do the same thing.

I would say to myself “this year is going to be different! Here’s a blank slate and I’m going to do everything right, work my absolute hardest to reach my goals and stick to my resolutions.

And then February would come and I’d be right back at point A, with the same habits that I had the year before and the same problems that I thought would disappear when the clock struck 12 AM.

This year was different though and showed me that you can dramatically change your life.

I broke my pattern of giving up my resolutions and sinking back into my old habits. I made 2016 my year. I worked hard. I followed my dreams. I didn’t give up. I failed and tried again, then failed and tried again, then failed and tried again. I embraced who I was and I fell in love with myself and my life.

My life has become a magical world of opportunity, positive insights, and tremendous change. Everything I need – career, money, or relationships – is presented at my door step wrapped with a huge red bow and I couldn’t be happier.

Now I’m going to show you how I changed my entire life dramatically and the ways I have made this change stick.

how to change your life - man in roadFind your passion.

I wrote down a list of things that I do everyday and then another list of things that I wanted to do everyday. I then compared and tweaked. I started adding the items from the  things I wanted to do everyday list to my things that I do everyday list, one by one.

At first it was things like working out, meditating, and reading more books. Then it turned into writing more and finding writing jobs online. Then it turned into creating my own blog and finding more writing jobs. Although I still work a “normal” job I’m THAT much closer to reaching my dream of being a full-time writer/blogger and it all started from creating these two lists.

I feel fulfilled and happy everyday because I get to express myself and challenge myself in ways that replenish my soul.

Make generosity a priority.

At the beginning of this year, I was making about $400 a week. Anyone with rent, utilities, gas, groceries, etc. to pay for monthly knows that this was not going to cut it. I was scraping by and it was miserable. I felt like the universe was jading me and I didn’t understand why.

One day I decided to put into action everything I read about how our thoughts are the creators of our reality. I told myself that from this point forward, I would only allow myself to feel as if I have money even if I don’t. I would sit and think about how it would feel to be financially stable-and then I would keep that feeling for as long as I could. I put myself into the shoes of future me who has money and would ask myself, “What would successful blogger Eva do if she was in this position?

So whenever I bought a coffee or got to go food and there was a place to tip, I would tip even though I could barely afford the coffee or food as is. I would tip waitresses extra. I would prioritize buying a birthday present for someone over buying myself something that I really wanted. I put myself in the mindset of giving because I had the means to, even when I didn’t. I know it sounds kind of crazy and you’re probably saying “I don’t have money to give” but that’s exactly why you don’t have money to give. You believe you don’t and so you don’t. When you believe you do have money to spend on others, suddenly you do have money to spend on others. When you believe you have money, life gives you money. To give is to receive.

Always choose kindness.

This goes hand in hand with making generosity a priority, but the trick is to do it with your actions. I started practicing doing nice things for others and expecting nothing in return. What I realized was that whenever I went out of my way to help someone, I would keep a mental tally that I had performed this nice gesture for them. How nice could my gesture be if I was really doing it in expectations of being paid back in some form one day?

So everyday I would try to do something nice for somebody else without ever expecting anything back – whether it be letting a friend borrow some clothes, driving someone to the airport, helping a coworker, or even holding a door open for somebody. You know what I learned? That even if someone walks through the door that you’re holding open for them just to be nice and doesn’t say thank you to you, it won’t ever bother you because you expect nothing from them in return.

What happens from here is that you can’t help but become a more genuine and honest human and your impact on the world becomes one of pure and transparent kindness. When you are kind, the universe is kind to you. When you are kind, you feel good. When you are kind, you are happy.

“Fall in love with yourself”

I know-it sounds weird and narcissistic to say that you need to fall in love with yourself, but it’s actually the complete opposite.

By loving myself, I have become more giving and kind to others. It’s the same concept as I’ve been explaining that the energy you put out you, receive back. I fell in love with my slightly introverted ways, my burning desire to create my own career from scratch, my insatiable lust for learning, and my love for taking care of myself. I embraced every single trait that makes me who I am and I’ll never go back.

Now that I fully support and love myself, life has opened up for me in inspiring ways. I’ve never dove head first into my own blog before like I am now because I wasn’t confident in my ability to make it successful. When you know that you’re a badass, then you become your own inspiration. You’re not afraid to fail. Your relationships become fully charged because when you’re confident and supported by yourself, your partner is there for extra love, good vibes, and extra laughs – they don’t control your happiness because you are in charge of yourself. Self love catapults you from where you are to where you want to be faster than anything else that I’ve ever tried.

Every single one of these things you can do today. All you have to do is consciously shift yourself into the mindset of passion, generosity, kindness, and love. Take notice that when you want to be generous, an opportunity to be generous presents itself. When you want to find passion, an opportunity for passion presents itself and so on and so on.

We are the manifestos of our reality whether we consciously choose to be or not. I could not be more proud of myself for sticking to these resolutions and creating a year of abundance, passion, and most importantly happiness. Now it’s your turn.