How to choose the right color for your winter coat

You might already have one in your wardrobe, maybe even a couple but there usually comes a time when they get all tatty and you need to buy a new one…which is not the easiest purchase: it is an investment and you are going wear it for several years,. So, if you are a conscious shopper like me, you should choose one that suits you perfectly. I was scrolling down ASOS the other day and listed up my favorite items for you to pick from. I have classified them based on the trending Autumn/Winter colors. Here you go!



Countless number of times camel has been sent down the runways It reappears every AW season! The shade has been recognised as a color in the English language since 1916, when camel became popularized by dressmakers to craft clothes. Warmer than cream and beige but lighter than brown, it is easy to wear during this season!

In short:
Every man needs a good go-to camel coat.


It’s not hard to guess whether grey will be hot next year; it’s a timeless color that is soft and easy to combine with black, blue and other power colors. Grey is very easy to match and comfortable to wear… It goes perfectly well with a fancy suit but also on a colored chino with a shirt and pullover. Finish it with a big scarf and you will have the perfect layered outfit for this season. If you’re not the type of person that loves to wear catchy colors, go for timeless grey… however it will be harder to stand out!

In short:
Timeless grey will never disappear.


Brick is a new trend lately. It is not brown, not camel, not red, but somewhere in between! It is very hot right now so this might mean you will not be able to wear it for many seasons. So if you’re looking to buy a coat as an investment for a longer time, don’t go for this color.

In Short:
Very trendy at the moment!


Autumn forest green… it will stand out among some of the season’s more muted colors. Lately it is very popular along with with brick, although this trend has been running for a bit longer. It seems that khaki is a hard colour to ignore during Autumn season

In Short:
Hot and trendy but maybe a bit harder to match with some colors.


A very royal color, which is more of a winter trend than an autumn color. It goes very well with navy blue and different shades of brown. It will not only come back as a color next season, but you will also see it in many other items. This season burgundy will appear in all shapes and sizes!

In Short:
Jump on the train and get your burgundy coat! ;)


Navy, another rich color that pairs well with burgundy. It’s a powerful color that creates a trustful mood. Another winter color, cold but sophisticated.

In short:
Navy, the color of all seasons.


The most timeless color of them  all. Everlasting elegance and very sophisticated. It will match with almost all your outfits and you won’t grow tired of it soon.

In short:
Timeless elegance