How to develop a healthy mindset.

Would you consider yourself a healthy person? Are you in shape?

Let’s take a look.

Don’t like how you look in the mirror? Feel tired a lot? Out of breath when you take the stairs? You realize maybe you shouldn’t have eaten that 3rd (okay 5th) Girl Scout cookie and probably should opt into the HIIT craze?

It’s pretty easy for us to know what to do when it comes to our physical health. We know it is something that can improve… we just need to take certain action and voila… progress.

But then there’s our mind…. ya know, the thing that ultimately controls how you see life and how happy you are?

Ya, it’s kinda important.

But unlike our physical health, where the answer is rather obvious to us, we see our mental health as a confusing cloud of mehhhh.

Unlike physical health where we can actually see the detrimental effects if we do not take care of it–your jeans become just a smidge too tight, you get winded from going up the Subway stairs, that gorgeous face of yours gets a bit puffy–we tend to look at our mindset as something we can’t fix and something we cannot change.

We look at our mental health like there’s something wrong with us.

Oh, that’s just how I think and how I am.
I don’t understand life and never will.
I’m just a naturally a negative person.
I’m sad all the time. I have mood swings.
I don’t think I’ll ever be passionate about anything.

We come to the conclusion that there’s something inherently wrong with us or that we’re fundamentally broken.

How crazy is that?!

When we see ourselves as overweight, we don’t think there’s nothing we can do! A little diet, a little exercise – we observe and come up with a plan of attack. We don’t think there’s something wrong with us. We know we can improve!

But when it comes to our mental health, I’ve found that we tend to assume the worst. We assume that because we aren’t perfect, that there’s something inherently wrong with us and that a healthy mindset is out of reach. We feel that we’ll never be happy or have our lives figured out. It becomes this negative cycle of overthinking and assumptions.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Your mind is no different from your body… it’s something you can change. It is something you need to set health habits for as well.

Being healthy mentally doesn’t mean that you need to fix your issues immediately… it means being okay with not being perfect right now.

It means understanding that:

– life is not perfect… live through it anyway!
– you’re not always going to be happy… accept that!
– you shouldn’t deny things that make you uncomfortable… be with them!
– you are not perfect and you never need to be.

Practicing the above each and everyday – much like eating healthy and working out daily – is the key to improving your mental health. Improvements take time. Slowly but surely you’ll start to see a change in your mindset a new perspective.

Don’t think you need to figure everything out today and most of all, don’t think that you’re beyond the point of improvement.

It just takes time and the willingness to keep your head up when you feel lost – you’re not broken. It’s temporary.

Let’s go.

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