How to Make Sure You’re an Email Moron

Just hit Send, and don’t look back! Carpe-fucking-diem.

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#1 Always start by inserting the recipient

Don’t ever make the mistake of sending off an email without a recipient.
Make it a rule to insert the recipient as the first thing. In that way your recipient might get lucky enough to get an extra mail with the missing link or PDF.

#2 Never triple check

Don’t bother to double or even triple check every new sentence. If you just live your life dangerously by running by your gut feeling of being perfect in the first take, you could end up writing something entirely new and artistic. You’re a genius. People are longing for your wisdom. Don’t wait! Get it out there!

#3 Don’t get caught in the “Read it all again” trap

Repetion is the mother of … boredom. Instead of reading the entire mail again and again, you can get that laundry done sooner or get to watch that extra TV show after dinner. Reading an email ten times is an entire episode of House of Cards.

#4 Go for the one-device-strategy

To make sure that you are absolutely tuned into your word creation flow, don’t bother to read your email again on another device or by printing it out and reading it in bed. Don’t break your brain’s reading pattern!

#5 Delete your email after sending it

To make sure that you never have to learn from your mistakes, make a habit of going directly to your Sent items folder and delete your email immediately after sending it. Otherwise you might get tempted to read it again to look for disappointing errors. Time travel is so overrated. Enjoy the now. With a great Latte.

Title Photo Credit: Flickr