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How to stop making excuses once and for all (and change your life)

Math has never been my strong suit.

More than that, I have never really understood how any equation like a2 + b2 = c2 is supposed to help me become a successful writer, entrepreneur, better person etc., or how learning the essentials of calculus would add bonus points to my credit score.

Don’t get me wrong, math is definitely important, but most problems people encounter in their day-to-day lives are much more complex than something a simple formula can solve.

In my life right now I have a few “math problems” that I’ve been trying to solve. As I try my best to solve them, there are a number of excuses that I need to eliminate as they are holding me back from execution.

Here is how I’ve been eliminating excuses in my life when solving life’s problems.

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Excuse #1: I don’t have time to work on _____!

I think about my time a lot.

I think about how I spend it, where I can get more of it, and how to optimize it. However, the reality is, I’ve usually wasted valuable time thinking about what I would do with that valuable time, and then I end up wasting even more valuable time. It’s a vicious cycle. Can you relate?

Maybe you’re like this: after a long day at your 9-5 job you’re too drained to work on your side hustle plan or improve certain aspects of your life. Maybe you just want to watch Netflix and get your mind off things, go to the bar and unwind, or simply sleep. Besides, you deserve it, right?

I can certainly relate to that, but when it’s all said and done, what can you say?

“I just didn’t have any time to work on anything.”?


The truth is we allow our days to dominate us instead of us dominating our days.

I have found one way in particular to avoid letting your day dominate you.

I have heard this at least 1,000 times in my adult life, and I have started and stopped doing this at least 100 times in my adult life, but TO-DO LISTS are so important!

Although, it may seem a bit needless for some people, putting things in writing helps in the pursuit of goal achievement in HUGE ways. Personally, doing so enables me to examine a task and reflect on all of the steps that will help me complete it.

In the spirit of keeping my math analogy alive, make sure you carry over the idea of not thinking of the totality of your to-do list, but instead write down what you want to achieve and outline the intermediate steps necessary to get you there.

In addition to the to-do list, let’s eliminate the non-essential. Our lives are full of excess; when we identify those things or even people and remove them, we become more and more in touch with what is significant and what truly deserves our time.

Excuse #2: I’m not qualified enough!

I am 100% not qualified for the work that I do and the things that I possess. This is a fact.

Most of things that I do, I have no education in or previous experience with. However, what I have done to make up for this is connect with individuals who can help me get my foot in the door and then I bust that sucker down and try my best to outhustle everyone inside.

I am sure there’s something that you want to tap into that you didn’t go to school for, have never done before, or don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you have a professional certification but want to break away from being employed and the traditional way of doing business and want to go into business for yourself and solve more problems and guarantee yourself more money.

If that’s you, stop doubting yourself and stop looking at what you don’t have and HUSTLE instead! There are so many ways to substitute not having an education or experience, and the ways I am about to give is simple.

If you don’t know where to start or don’t know a thing about starting a business, go read books and watch documentaries on people who have. Study the moves they have made, let them motivate you, and apply what you can to your own hustle.

Then, incorporate NETWORKING! This means you have to move out of your comfort zone and find meetups related to your goal, start introducing yourself to people when you’re at Starbucks or reach out to individuals on social media who can impart wisdom and expertise. I know this can be awkward, but remember that a simple hello can lead to a million things (even a million dollars).

Excuse #3: I don’t have enough money to____!

If my bank account could talk, it wouldn’t have much to say.

I know all too well what it’s like to have a million dollar dream but a negative million dollars in your back account. We cannot let a lack of money hold us back from making money. It is possible to start a business and improve your life with very little money if you have the right combination of skills, work ethic and marketing know-how.

Here’s how.

Try utilizing low – cost services. Fiverr is a great site to advertise your products and services on, and then on the flip side you can use their platform to build up your own company.

Get an inexpensive logo design for as little as $10.

After that, visit Vistaprint and pay $16 for a box of standard business cards and other branding materials and printed items.

Also, you can barter to get what you need. Bartering is certainly a thrifty way to snag the products and services your new business needs. Find a person or business that has what you need and say “Hey, I need you and your service to get xyz done, and in exchange I can offer you a free trial period of xyz (enter your services or product).”

Other options are outsourcing and crowdfunding.  Potential outside sources for you can be family and friends; don’t rule out the possibility of getting help from family and friends, even if you have to piece the money together from multiple sources. Crowdfunding is popular for a reason; with a good idea and enough work, you can attract funding for almost anything these days.

Then, there’s bank loans, small business loans from The Small Business Administration, and government grants; with one or more of these options, you should be able to reduce your personal financial investment to almost nothing.

But also take into consideration what YOU can do for yourself.  For example, I recently got bold enough to start a free business account with my bank and now I’m signed up with Lyft and I plan to deposit a lot of the money into my business account.

Overall, what I am trying to say is that if you are determined enough, you can find a way to achieve what you want, even if there are financial difficulties you need to first overcome. Capital is a major hurdle to overcome, but make no mistake, it can be overcome.

Ok, math class, now that we have broken down these calculations it’s time to come up with the sum total, and that is this: you have exactly ZERO EXCUSES left to wait until later so you can get started NOW!

You are as ready today as you’re ever going to be, and with that understanding comes an empowering choice: you can overcome your circumstances OR you can let circumstances overcome you.

Don’t worry about lack of time, lack of experience/ education, or lack of money. Be unstoppable as a result of being completely focused on and anchored by the one thing you do have – a brilliant idea that will change the trajectory of your life!

Your homework is to take away this basic math: Start where you are with what you have… because what you have is plenty.