If You Don’t Build Your Dream, Someone Else Will

Joe Rogan is known for his no holds bar honesty and cut throat debate style. In this short podcast video titled “Society Trap,” Rogan stays true to form and lets loose on the corporate 9-5 world that is the standard for the majority of Americans. Rogan asserts that the 9-5 corporate style work life is something that is built on a flawed design – – an outright trap that essentially numbs the creative and freethinking minds of an inherently inventive and imaginative society.

Politics, capitalism and economic theories and undertones aside, Rogan’s thoughts are interesting relevant as they dive into the question of whether society as a whole has lost its sense of self  by stifling the need for and expectation of individuality and creativity. Some obvious statements and a few naive assumptions and conclusions in the video, but fresh perspective is always worth-while. Watch the video and think about your own reality and the change you want to see manifest itself in your life.

Listen and share your thoughts. #thedailyPRSUIT

 Photo Credit: Unsplash.com