In 2020, be a thirst trap.

Yes 🙂 I really did just say that. Let me explain what I mean.

It’s 2020. The time for planning, waiting and waiting, plotting, posting “big things coming” is OVER!

No more of that!

It’s time to say the following:

I’m going to jump right in! I’m not going to care what people think. I’m not going to be self conscious. I’m not going to be concerned if people think I’m too enthusiastic, if I’m trying too hard, if people think I’m showing off, if people think I’m begging for attention.

In 2020, I’m just going to jump in.

(PS listen to episode 165 of the New Mindset, Who Dis to hear me talk about what I saw at the gym that defines this idea in a hilarious way. HINT: it involves Thong Song by Sisqo)

As odd as it sounds, I want to encourage you to be a thirst trap. I say this because I think a lot of the time when we want to jump in and do that thing but we don’t, it’s because we’re scared of how we’ll be interpreted. We’re scared that people will think we’re too loud, too over-eager, too obsessed with ourselves… too thirsty, etc.

But I’ve learned that life really rewards those who own their sh*t. Everything. Their body, how they look, their personality… and they throw it forward without overthinking it.

Life seriously rewards people who do that.

And I think it’s time we summon our inner thirst traps and just do it.

Let’s jump right in and not care so much anymore about what others might think.

– Wear more of what you want without overthinking how it might be interpreted.

– Post more selfies if that’s what you want to do and don’t be so concerned if people might think you’re conceited or full of yourself.

– Sign up for something new and don’t think twice about how silly or clueless you might look.

– Broadcast what you’re good at or passionate about – art, music, working out etc. Shout it from a mountain!

– Ask if you can be upgraded to first class and don’t think twice about whether people will think you’re bougie or conceited or greedy.

This year I think you should be a thirst trap.

Be fine with whatever people might think about you!

Be a person who is passionate about living, trying new things and soaking everything up. Be a person who isn’t worried about drawing attention to themselves. Be a person who is living passionately.

Just jump right in and don’t worry so much about how silly or overly enthusiastic you might seem,

I’ve learned that life seriously rewards people who are willing to jump right in.

Life rewards those people sooooo much more than those who say “ok… I’m going to map this out, gotta vision board this, gotta put together a 10 step plan, gotta do this. that and then I’ll be ready to try.”

No! No more! That won’t happen anymore with this mindset because it takes the overthinking out of the equation.

It says just jump right in.

Embarrass yourself. Be awkward. Fail. Get some weird looks.

Who cares?! Let people laugh at you. Let people gossip about how thirsty you look or how silly you seem.

Who freakin’ cares?!

Think about all those things you’ve wanted to do but you keep overthinking them… and just jump right in.

No one else truly cares and even if they do… why do you?

Why do you care? When you jump in, you’re literally lapping everyone who is still sitting on the couch overthinking the what ifs and doing nothing but judging others.

Don’t be that person.

Be that person who has fire in their eyes and an eagerness to just try – without overthinking what other people might think.

As awkward as it might seem, a “just jump in mentality” will take you places. It will take you to so many places and it will teach you so much more than continuing to overthink and overanalyze the what ifs.

The next time you find yourself considering whether or not to do something because you’re overthinking how you’ll look when you do it, when you post it, when you say it… just jump in.

Just do it. In the moment, just grip it and rip it. Just drop it down low. Be the first to step forward. Raise your hand. Sign up.

I’m confident that only good, amazing and rewarding things will come of it.

Let’s go.

Written by Case Kenny

Case is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the host of the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast. Reach him at or @case.kenny on Instagram.

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