5 inspirational people driven by their passions

The internet is a wild place. So many cat videos, so little time. So many things to do but so many “it’s just a prank bro!” videos to watch. What to do?!

The internet giveth and taketh away. It gives us incredible access to cool and inspiring sh*t. But it also takes away brain cells. Seriously. It has become increasingly difficult for our generation to filter through the loads of crap in our newsfeed, on Youtube and on blogs to find content that is substantive and inspiring. The result? We end up learning about the latest Kardashian rumor instead of the innovative things that our peers are doing.

So to help, we are putting together bi-weekly roundups highlighting folks who are chasing their passions, crushing it and motivating others.

These men and women are living their life purpose and in the process inspire us to crank it up a notch.

Here we go. This month’s 5 inspirational people to motivate you.mattkohncollage2Who: Matt Kohn

What: Matt is an adventurer, blogger and web designer. His website, Different Hunger, provides ambitious twenty somethings with practical advice and tools to make the most of their twenties.

Where: Medellín, Colombia

Why: After quitting his job in NYC and moving to Medellin without a plan, Matt started asking his role models for advice on next steps. A few weeks later he had spoken with 75+ CEOs, authors, Olympians and more and their advice had changed his life. He is now on a mission to provide their life changing advice to as many twenty somethings as possible in order to help them make the most of this pivotal period of our lives. He has launched a YouTube series sharing the advice he has received. His latest article, Why He Loves the Journey, serves as a reminder that no matter what journey you are on, learn to love it and always take time to reflect.



Youtube: Different Hunger


Who: Jennifer Hudye

What: Jenn is a perennial entrepreneur and digital marketer. She owns and operates an email marketing business called Conscious Copy & Co. which helps online experts/coaches in the personal growth and wellness space build trust and attention with their email list so that they attract more of their ideal clients.

Where: Tempe, Arizona

Why: Jenn’s mission is to help 100M people 10x the quality of their life through personal growth. She only works with clients who align to her mission so they can spread the vision together. She also has a podcast called The Conscious Hustler which helps millennials learn how to marry their goals with their why.


iTunes: The Conscious Hustler Podcast



Who: The guys behind Next Gen Summit, Justin Lafazan and Dylan Gambardella

What: One of the top seven conferences for entrepreneurs under 30 to attend. (NYC, June 3rd-5th)

Where: NYC

Why: Justin and Dylan founded Next Gen Summit to instill in young people the idea that they control their future and can direct their careers and their lives in ways that are most meaningful to them. NGS provides the platform to turn passions into realistic working opportunities.





Who: Ryan Beshel

What: Ryan is the Principal/Founder at SIX4 Creative, a full service boutique agency focused on fashion consulting, brand development, casting, influencer relations and creative collaborations.

Where: Chicago, IL

Why: Ryan is someone who everyone knows and is always out and about in Chicago. He is fueled by his desire to partner with creative individuals with big ideas, ask tough questions and to learn something new every day. He loves food and lives for fashion.



Personal: @RyanBeshel on Twitter and on Instagram.


Who: Jonathan Maxim

What: Jonathan is the founder of VeaOfficial, a mobile app that gives its users monetary rewards for crushing workouts.

Where: Philadelphia, PA

Why: To provide creative ways to stay healthy and encourage people to find inspiration through compelling challenges.




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Written by Case Kenny

Case is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the host of the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast. Reach him at or @case.kenny on Instagram.

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