It is Time to Act

“New Year, New You.” You’ll see it on the cover of every women’s magazine from January through March. Every year.  Some articles discuss improving attitude and habits, most focus on improving exercise routines and becoming healthy, and all stress the importance of longevity to accomplish goals. Some men’s magazines put forth a similar effort but are almost completely confined to fitness.

It seems there is not much out there encouraging men to explore their creative side, allowing themselves to become inspired and aspire to make a change within their life and the community they live in.  There is room for more creative, forward-thinking in our society, and young millennials are well capable of providing it.

Regardless of the content of the articles being read or the plans being set out by individuals, it seems the hardest part for most is staying focused long enough to see real results and stay motivated.  The difference between someone who sticks with their game plan long enough to accomplish their goal and someone who doesn’t is essentially just inspiration.  You can only force it so long before you finally burn out.

The good news is, there is inspiration to be found all around us, every day.

 It’s definitely tough to see past the 9-5, gym, dinner, tv, sleep routine that seems to become so comfortable over time, but it can be done.  People like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison operated on 4 hours of sleep per night and developed some of the greatest mathematical and scientific discoveries to this day.  This is not to say everyone will make as large an impact as those two or only sleep 4 hours a day, but instead that maximizing all of the time a day gives you is imperative if you want to get anywhere.

We all have passions, ideas, concepts that we have thought about putting into action at one time or another.  Why not finally act upon them in 2014, and give yourself long enough to see them start to pick up steam?  Just 30 minutes a day can go a long way if you keep at it.

So go ahead, pursue a new passion, start that website you’ve been thinking of starting, start blueprinting that invention you’ve been ideating.  You may just make the next big thing.

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Title Photo Credit: ThomasHawk