Jake Paul’s 8 keys to success, social media & Yeezys

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If you’ve spent any time on Facebook, Vine, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram you probably know who Jake Paul is. He’s a goofy 20 year old who has created a storm of viral videos and amassed a HUGE social following in the process.

15 million followers and 4 billion video views HUGE. Oh and he’s also turned that into a 7-figure income.

Jake Paul social following numbers

But there’s a lot more to Jake Paul than silly viral videos and millions of followers.

Jake (and his older brother Logan… who you might recognize as well) is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and grew up wrestling and making silly prank videos with his friends. He currently lives in Los Angeles and has created an emerging social media and talent empire in the form of Team10 and Teamdom – his social media label and marketing agency.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Jake this past week with my partner Matt on our podcast The Hustle Sold Separately and I was blown away by what he had to say.

It’s easy to assume that Jake is just a goofy kid with a knack for making funny viral videos, but I quickly discovered that he is so much more. I came to quickly learn that Jake Paul possess an unparalleled work-ethic and that he is using this drive to build a seriously impactful business empire.

During our conversation Jake dropped a ton of amazing value and nuggets of wisdom.

From our conversation, here are Jake’s 8 keys to success.

(go ahead and press play here to hear our conversation and then keep reading)

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Jake Paul in People Magazine

1. You have to create momentum for yourself.

Here’s the thing about Jake – his success is anything but overnight. Yes, he got his start on Vine about 4 years ago and grew faster than anyone on the platform, BUT digging deeper I came realized that his growth was a LONG TIME in the making.

“There was a build up before Vine even. I started on Youtube when I was 10 years old. We were just making videos for fun…doing dumb stuff being bored in Cleveland, Ohio. 

We kept on growing our following and developed a natural ability to create these videos. I did it for a couple of years with virtually no success – I think our videos got 500 total views.”

A lot of people want results and they want them NOW. Jake lived by the motto that “one is better than zero” and that patience, persistence and vision paid off. His growth was the result of an intrinsic desire to create cool content and out of a competitive itch.

Then this app Vine came around and I downloaded it on the first day and just started creating videos for fun not really knowing what I was doing.

I showed my brother [Logan] the app and got into competition with [him] seeing who could make better videos. We were in the middle of Ohio spending hours a day making 6 second videos, so eventually they started turning out pretty good. We had this previous experience with Youtube and we had fun doing it – and that came across to our audience. A couple weeks go by and one of our videos went viral.”

Good things happen when you’re patient.

“Ever since that day wth that little momentum and spark, we haven’t looked back. It’s been up and to the right since then.”

2. Never be satisfied.

“For us, it was building blocks – turning one thing into another and never being satisfied with where we were at. Those first 5,000 followers turned into 50,000 then 100,000 then 250,000 and eventually a million. From there we started doing brand deals and developing ourselves in the space.

The next thing was… how do we take this social media thing to the next level? How do I create something bigger than just Jake Paul?

We just ran with that dream and hustled as hard as we could to make those things happen.”

Jake Paul goofy

3. Never stop building.

Jake started building when he was 10 years old. Now he’s 20. He started with 500 views and he was fine with that because he had vision. Now he’s at the top of his game. A game that is the result of competitiveness and consistency.

“My competitive spirit and seeing my peers doing well on social media fueled me… a competitiveness within myself too. 

I would post a video and I would want to top that. I’d want to do something bigger and better. It’s non-stop. I’m making Vlogs every single day now and every day I wake up and I’m like ‘how do I top what I did yesterday?’

It’s also about consistency. A lot of people aren’t able to keep up and they become content. They find a little bit of success and they don’t push the boundaries. BUT when you do, that’s what takes you to the next level. That’s what helps you find the next level of success.”

In talking with Jake I came to realize that everything he’s involved with – social media, business, Hollywood – it’s all just a ladder and Jake is humble about knowing where is currently is and where he wants to be.

“You have to just climb those rungs. For me, starting at the bottom of the ladder on social media, I knew that if I was consistent and worked hard, I’d get to the top.

Now that I’m there it’s about remaining at the top and that’s all about hustle and creating the best content I can.

On the Hollywood side of things, I’m just on the first rung and same with business. I love the challenge. It’s a new space to learn, I’m taking risks and I’m failing and learning. It’s the whole social media process all over again.”

4. Make yourself relatable.

Jake is a lot of things – an influencer, entrepreneur, actor, author, mentor. His talents are varied so I asked him what his one talent is that enables him to be so successful.

“My talent is teen marketing… millennial marketing, whatever you want to call it. I am able to market to these people because I am one. I understand them a to z.”

Jake made it clear that once you understand how your audience thinks and what they want, the rest becomes easy and it becomes about your ability to execute – something Jake does on a daily basis.

“The way I go about my content… everyone wants to laugh. They want the lifestyle… teenagers want the perfect life.. cool cars, nice house, hot people around them, nicest clothes, they want the Yeezys. If you go about it in a strategic way, that’s how I construct my videos.”

Jake’s content is all on purpose. No detail is left unattended. He creates an image and lifestyle that people can relate to and want to be a part of. That lifestyle is what keeps his audience coming back time and time again.

Jake Paul looking forward

5. You have to send the elevator back down.

What started as a creative and competitive outlet for Jake soon turned to a business opportunity.

“When I first started making videos it was me and my brother and a couple other big Viners collaborating. And then we’d have random friend in video and they’d hang around. And then you’d look one day and they’d have half a million followers. I’d be like “What?! Didn’t you just have 1000?!”

At that point, Jake realized there was a larger opportunity at hand.

“I was like ‘OK, Im going to find awesome people and sign then to a social media label called Team10 and naturally and authentically help them grow huge followers online and do it strategically to create an empire where we can place anyone in our content and grow from 1,000 into the millions seamlessly.”

Jake put that idea to the test as a small vision and it started to take off. He started signing people and helped them amass huge followings.

“I live with them and they’re my friends but it’s a business now. It makes sense because it was happening naturally anyway and no one was capitalizing off of making their friends famous.”

The coolest thing about chatting with Jake is that he knows his ‘why.” He understands the impact he has and the ability he has to change lives for the better. That is not lost on him.

“It’s really cool to be able to change my friends’ lives and give them these opportunities. It’s a full circle thing where it feeds back into itself and they help the next person.”

6. Know your goal and know your why.

It’d be easy to get caught up 15 million followers and just let things come to you. I asked Jake what his ultimate, intrinsic goal is.

“The overarching vision is for me to be able to become as influential as I possibly can throughout my life whether that’s acting, social media, music… whatever it is.”

Success without fulfillment and giving back is hardly success at all and at 20 years old, Jake seems to really preach this.

For Jake, to reach a level of global influence is his goal, but on top of that is to help others get to that same level and reach that same success. He told me that he wants to help people avoid the mistakes he’s made. He wants to help others create and understand the business of social media and he wants to help them from a business perspective.

“If I can do those things, then I am happy and a lot of other people will be happy too.”

Jake Paul book You Gotta Want It

7. You have to take risks.

Small town Ohio boy moves to Los Angeles with no real plans and a couple bucks in his bank account. I’d say that’s a pretty big risk. But as with all things, no risk… no reward.

“The biggest risk I’ve taken is saying ‘hey, I’m going to drop out of highschool and fly to Los Angeles with nothing planned and not knowing anybody and see what can come from it. No one knew if Vine was going to work. I had no idea what the space would become. It was a huge risk.”

There is a huge difference between taking risks when no one is watching and taking risks when everyone is watching. For Jake, it was the latter from the onset and continues to be that way today.

“There were a lot of people watching. It was the people in my home town…rooting for me to fail, telling me that I’d be back, Vine would die, you won’t do anything. Even my teachers would make these remarks in front of everyone.”

It was a huge risk where Jake could have failed miserably. But through that risk Jake learned that the bigger the risk, the more you have to prove yourself which makes you work even harder.

“The bigger the risk, the more inspired you are and the more inspired you are the less the little stuff gets in the the way, the fewer distractions get in the way and the more you want to work.”

The thing about risk is that it makes you realize the potential of failure and this in turn fuels you to do anything to make it work out. That’s exactly what Jake did.

“When I moved to LA. I had no idea what I was getting into. I had no idea what the difference between an agent and manger was. I had to watch Entourage to figure it out.”

Another risk for Jake was deciding to grow TeamDom. He had already amassed a huge following, was working with big brands and making a name for himself in LA. But that wasn’t enough.

He was up and running his Team10 social media label but it was something he had become comfortable with. He could have slowly grown Team10 but instead he decided to take it grow it to the next level. Deciding to take that venture to the next level was a risk.

Part of the risk was that I had no idea what I was doing on the business side of things. I had never raised money. I was taking investor meetings and had months of non stop days. My content almost came to a complete halt. My followers growth started to slow but I knew that eventually I would raise the money and hire a team to focus on biz and I would ramp my content back up. That was a risk for me. It still is.

Entrepreneurs know that growing a business is scary. It’s the most pressure that you can go through. It’s different than playing a sport. Investors are breathing down your back, your employees are counting on you. Your team is counting on you and you really have to be able to execute and go into knowing that 9/10 startups fail int he first year.

“Now, a lot of people are watching me – this kid doesn’t have what it takes’ . Can this goofy kid who does dumb stuff all day grow a business?’

That pressure weighs on me.

People are scared of risk because it’s hard. and it is. But, what comes from it is happiness that lasts forever. Knowing that you did something that is remarkable and that you can talk about for the rest of your life… that is worth it.”

8. You have to stay driven.

Having a goal is one thing… staying hungry for that goal is another.

To stay consistent and stay driven…. you have to WANT IT. It’s that simple.

So many people are like ‘hey I wanna do this, do that, I want a nice car, I want money, whatever – something Jake hears every day in his line of work.

“Especially being in LA I hear this EVERYDAY. I always say – do you REALLY? Will you do ANYTHING to get there? People say ‘anything is possible if you believe’… I say anything is possible BUT you gotta want it. Every second of the day. “

If someone calls me at midnight and wants to shoot a video, I’m there. If an investor wants to talk at 3 am in LA because he’s in China, I’m there.

You’ve gotta want it. 

The most successful people aren’t necessarily the most talented…it’s their drive, hunger and hard work. They want it and nothing is going to stop them from getting where they want to go.” 

Be sure to listen to our interview w/ Jake:

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Written by Case Kenny

Case is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the host of the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast. Reach him at or @case.kenny on Instagram.

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